Michael Curran

Writing Tutor

Major: Finance, Accounting

Hi, I am currently a junior here at UM-Flint.  I am majoring in both finance and accounting.  I enjoy working at the writing center because I love to help people with their writing.  My favorite ways to help include developing ideas and putting the finishing touches on papers and essays.  When I am not in the writing center, I enjoy playing and watching basketball, reading, traveling, listening to Frank Ocean, and spending time with my friends.

De'Brayah Dukes

Writing Tutor

Hi, my name is De’Brayah, and I am a mystery to many. I always leave people second guessing about me. One thing that no one has to think twice about is my writing ability. I have been writing for five years, and I specialize in creative and argumentative writing. Yet, I am happy to help with anything that you come to the writing center with; I love a challenge. Hope to see you there.  

Sarah Kenny

Writing Tutor

Hello! My name is Sarah K. and I'm currently in my second year of UM-Flint's English Language and Literature Master's Program where I'm persuing a double concentration in literature and writing and rhetoric. I enjoy reading anything from classic lit to experimental short fiction, and I have a passion for both creative and academic writing. I'm a Netflix connoisseur in my free time and enjoy the finer things in life, like Buzzfeed quizzes, memes, and really lame jokes. Come visit me in the Writing Center!

Lauren 2.0

Writing Tutor

Hello. My name is Lauren 2.0.

I am a mechanical engineering major with many top functions, including a writing tutor mode. I work at the Marian E. Wright Writing Center. I can also be found at the library circulation desk serving other student units. I am happy to help serve you with your writing input needs. I offer high capacity, listening capabilities, and complex circuitry for data analysis and feedback.


Writing Center

Natalie Shelton

Writing Tutor

Hi! My name is Natalie. I’m a sophomore here at U of M Flint and I’m majoring in English Education while minoring in French. I enjoy reading and writing anything and everything that involves creative writing. In my free time I take as many naps as I can, but if I’m feeling really productive I’m at yoga class. My top three favorite foods in oder are sushi, any type of sandwich, and pineapple pizza. I’m also above average at Harry Potter Trivia. Come see!

Sania Sajid

Writing Tutor

Hi! I'm Sania. I'm a sophomore at UM-Flint studying human biology with a concentration in the pre-medical studies. Along with English, I speak 2 other languages fluently: Urdu and Punjabi and I study French and Arabic. I enjoy working at the Writing Center because it gives me the opportunity to do what I love, which is learning about and discussing language and writing with all kinds of other writers. When I'm not in the writing center, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, baking, and napping. 

Hope to see you at the Writing Center soon!! 

Tyler Murdock

Writing Tutor

Major: English TCP

Minor: Speech TCP

I've been going to U of M Flint since 2012 and before then I attended CMU. If you were to label my education status it would be called Super Super Super Senior or if you like acronyms, SSSS. I love writing and I've been exploring this passion since I was a young tyke. I've worked in a few different high schools over the last few years and I'm currently student teaching. My favorite books are Fahrenheit 451, The Road, and Brave New World. I enjoy performing Spoken Word, watching the Detroit Lions lose, and hiking. You've probably seen me on campus whistling catching tunes or walking around with bubble tea. 

Jordan Morrow

Writing Tutor

"The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater."
- J.R.R. Tolkien

Hi, I’m Jordan Edward Morrow. I’m currently pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in the Teacher Certificate Program here at UM-Flint with an English Major and Psychology Minor. While I enjoy my time in the Writing Center, I also enjoy being an editor for Qua Literary and Fine Arts Magazine. Before UM-Flint, I tutored writing for a few years at Mott Community College’s Writing Center. During my attendance at MCC, I was a co-founder and President of Mott’s very own creative writing group and the Poetry Editor for URSAscribe Literary Magazine. I enjoy both reading and writing poems and have over a dozen poems published in literary magazines nationwide. I've also been a judge for poetry competitions and was awarded first place in the 2016 Sharon Naughton Poetry Award.
Outside of writing, I love being home with my wife and all of our fur and scaly babies. I’m a big Middle-Earth nerd and collect nerdy things, I really enjoy cheese and the smell of bread, I think video games are pretty sweet, and I like rocking out on the bass guitar.

Sara Follo

Writing Tutor, Adorable Comedienne Extraordinaire

Degree: BA-English with a specialization in Linguistics & working on MA in English

Languages: American English, some American Sign Language (ASL), working on French & Russian

Citation Styles: APA & MLA

I'm one of the many people named Sara(h) who work for the Writing Center. I've been wreaking havoc here since 2013 and no one has tried to stop me yet, so I guess I'll keep it up. They say they like having me here. I don't know who "they" is but the phrase keeps being said. I make a lot of jokes, but it's all in good fun.

I really enjoy working with students on anything they want to bring in be it an assignment, resume, or creative piece. Having been here for what feels like an eternity, I have seen just about anything you can throw at me. And yes, that is a challenge. One-on-one appointments are fun, but if I'm your facilitator for ENG 109, you're in for a real treat. I swear, my assignments are really fun.

My BA was mostly focused in Linguistics and I love learning the new ways that English is being used, so teach me a new slang word when you come in. If you're not really into slang or being hip, as the kids say, then I invite you to chat with me about anything and everything on your mind. I have a special knowledge in useless trivia and no matter what, I'll do my best to keep up with any subject. However, I probably do know more about Harry Potter than any adult should.

Becky Ellithorpe

Writing Tutor

Major: English T.C.P. and Mathematics T.C.P.

Favorite Appointments: I enjoying tutoring anything regarding English, literature, and math. I also thoroughly enjoy PRE test prep, psychology, biology, history, and simply learning anything new. I love to learn new things!

Citation Styles: I am most comfortable with MLA and APA styles.

Biography: I am a workaholic. Constantly, I have multiple things going on at once. I feel the need to be productive and learn new things. I also love to help others. In addition, I want to be a high school teacher for my future career. This is why I am extremely excited to tutor. I can help fellow students while learning so many new things.

I have a vast number of interests, but I am a total nerd. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and so many others. I love having discussions on books, series, and just about anything.

Jason Harrod

Writing Tutor

My name is Jason. I enjoy reading and writing about haiku, imagism, mass market paperbacks, and Carver. I appreciate word economy.

Kate Williams

Writing Tutor

Major: Professional Communication

Hi, I'm Kate! I'm a communication major and human resource management minor. I love reading and writing, and I think that being able to write effectively is one of the most important skills a person can learn. One of my biggest passions is public speaking, so please come in and see me if you need help writing, preparing, or presenting a project or speech! In my spare time I love running, playing the flute, and working as a SCUBA instructor. To this day, one of my favorite memories is diving with whale sharks and manta rays in the Caribbean sea. 

Tyrice Denson

Writing Tutor

Major: Political Science

Hi my name is Tyrice. I am a Junior here at the University of Michigan-Flint. My major is political science and after receiving my degree I will be moving on to law school. I am new to the Marian E. Wright Writing Center, but I was a tutor at Mott Community College’s Writing Center for two years. The experience of assisting writers is truly an enjoyable one. Outside of the Writing Center World, sports play a major role in my life and I love meeting new people. I’m looking forward to the many great appointments that I’m sure to have working with students at the University of Michigan-Flint.

Taylor Hathon

Writing Tutor

English TCP, Math TCP minor

I am a senior here at the University, and I aspire to be a high school English and math teacher. I have always loved to read and write, yet time to write/read is little.  The most interesting book I have read is a play named Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco. I have been fascinated with existentialism ever since. I am also working on my first novel that highlights domestic violence/abuse.

Truthfully, whenever I have free time I either watch Netflix or take a nap. My favorite shows are Parks and Recreation, Friends, Young and Hungry and Psych. I love the color orange; in fact, my entire room is a pumpkin patch orange color. I tend to be introverted but I have extroverted tendencies.

Favorite Appointments: Invention/ pre-write, early drafts

Sarah Keyser-Brown

Writing Tutor, Betty Crocker Expert

I earned an M.A. in English Language and Literature with concentrations in Composition, Rhetoric, and Linguistics, as well as an M.A. in Education with a concentration in Literacy K-12 at the University of Michigan – Flint and have been a tutor at the Marian E. Wright Writing Center (MEW) since 2012. Education and UM-Flint are a tradition in my family, with my mother, father, son, and soon my husband all being graduates.

The mainstays of education, writing, reading and speaking, are all valuable skills that should never be done in isolation, and the MEW is the optimum venue for writers of all skill levels and interests to seek input from others. I find our writing center to be the perfect place to collaborate, learning with and from each and every writer that graces its doorway. I enjoy the variety, inspiration, and camaraderie I am privileged to experience every minute I spend there.

In my spare moments, (which seem few and far between), I read everything from children’s books to the most recent best sellers, race walk (especially the Crim 10 mile), garden, craft, and bake tasty treats.

I hope to see you around the center soon!

Clarian Kmetz

Writing Tutor, Marketing Coordinator

Major: Business Administration

Minor: Field Biology

Languages: English, and some French

Hello! My names Clarian, but most people just call me Clare. I am in my third-year here at the University of Michigan- Flint, but am classified as a senior. Along with being a tuor in the Writing Center, I am also the Marketing Coordinator. If I’m not at work in the Writing Center or studying, I’m probably at the gym or home napping. Cooking is my passion, and there aren’t many dishes that I can’t make. 

Layla Meillier

Writing Tutor

I am a lifetime Flint resident, thespian, and workaholic.  I am probably an English major; I love reading and writing too much to proclaim otherwise.  More recently, I have been writing screenplays but I started out writing short stories, poems, et cetera.  I speak the tiniest bit of useless French.  When the sidewalks are not covered in slush, I love to ride my bike. 

Paige Elizabeth Anderson-Knott

Writing Tutor, Master of Knowledge

I love to read, and read just about anything (I even read the back of cereal boxes and mayo jars). Mostly I find myself gravitating to non-fiction because I love knowledge and I am always wanting to work on myself and my goals. I am a “when I have time” writer who is aspiring to be an “I schedule time for my writing” writer. I like to write everything from mainstream fiction, sci-fi, to creative non-fiction, and informational.

I’m in the Master’s program for English, I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with my Master’s degree yet, but my main goal in obtaining my degree is strictly for the love of knowledge; a trait I hope will assist me in teaching my children as well. I received my Bachelors from University of Michigan Flint and am so happy to have such a wonderful master’s program at the school I love.  I have worked in the writing center since 2010. I absolutely love it and if I could do it forever I would be in heaven.

In my non-academic life, my daughters, husband, our 4 cats make my life entertaining and fun. I had my wonderful daughter, Tempest in November, 2012. My 2nd beautiful Daughter, Alice, was born June 2014. In case you are wondering, yes, they are both named after literary works.

I also run an aromatherapy business. I have a booth at the renaissance festival (that my family and I have ran since 1998). It’s a whole different world than the world of academia, but I enjoy it as well.

Sarah Mitchell

Writing Tutor

Major: English Graduate Program


Eclectic : including things taken from many different sources

That is me in definition form. I like to learn. Everything. Okay, I’ll admit that’s a slight exaggeration. But my interests, hobbies, and dabblings seem wildly varied— everything from studying the history of words and dialect, to hiking, cooking, quilting, knot tying, writing, reading, and … genealogy? Yes, genealogy. (For those unfamiliar with the study, it’s pretty much searching records for and making a large list of long dead relatives. It sounds much more gruesome than it is. Though, I have been known to wander through the occasional cemetery … What can I say? I’m the life of the party.)

Anyway, I’ve thought about it, and I realized that these interests aren’t really that far apart at all. Simply put, I study life. I just do it through learning about and experiencing people, places, methods, and language, especially those of the past. Life is complex and interesting. Plus, I like the connection between what was and what is.

Call me weird. Call me sentimental. Call me whatever you want. But, most of all, call to make an appointment at the Writing Center! Or you know, take the modern approach and use the system here on the internet. I’d be glad to go with you as you explore that little element of life called writing.

Jesutofunmi (aka Tofunmi) Omowumi

Writing Tutor

Writing Tutor, Poet, Graduate Student (English Language and Literature)

In the end, my epitaph would read simply, “A Poet,” without the embellishing of any other word because that single phrase would immortalize me. It is my hope that I will inspire anyone who reads it to write even in my death.

What I am trying to say is that my life is all about helping others write what they need to write.

Kris Price, Writing Tutor/Word Viking

Viking Tutor of Words

Hi! My name is Kris. I am a junior here at the University of Michigan-Flint. I am an English major with a specialization in writing.

English is my first language and I have limited knowledge in ASL.

I am the word Viking, sent from Asgard by Thor himself! I’ve come to pillage and plunder your minds and imaginations! My mind is my armor and my pencil is my hammer! Just kidding, but seriously, I could not be happier to be part of the U of M Flint Writing Center team. Reading and writing have always been a passion of mine (when I’m not too busy running my dungeons and dragons campaign). I love to meet new people and experience the exchange of knowledge and information. I hope to one day teach higher education in the English and writing fields. As I’m sure you can tell from my opening I’m a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy. Maybe I’m a geek, maybe I’m a nerd. I would gladly accept these titles if that’s what it takes to be a fanatical Star Wars/Lord of the Rings fan. I cannot wait to read your papers, delve into your minds, and experience your imaginations. Come in to the Marian Wright Writing Center and see me or any of our other awesome writing tutors, we would love to see you. Now if you’ll excuse me I must continue my training with Master Yoda. May the force be with you.

Creative writing is my favorite style of writing, although a good research topic can be just as fun. I feel most comfortable with MLA style citation and I know APA style, as well.

Helping writers understand assignments, brainstorm ideas, and write up outlines in order to get started on an assignment are my favorite kind of appointments.   

Yazeed Shamieh

Writing Tutor

I'm a sophomore undergraduate concentrating in pre-medical studies. I speak Arabic fluently, and I have lived and studied in Jordan for two years. My favorite appointments involve helping students start of their essays. I like hearing the ideas that students have and providing feedback and proposals which assist in expanding upon these ideas. I enjoy playing sports, writing, reading, and I will most certainly beat you at pool in the UCEN. I hope to see you around the writing center soon.

Amneh Sheikh-Khalil

Writing Tutor

Major: English with a Specialization in Literature

Class Standing: Senior (Undergraduate)

Languages spoken: English and Arabic

I love reading, writing, soccer (Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Bayer 04 Leverkusen fan), cats, and cupcakes. Some of my favorite TV Shows/Movies include: Pretty Little LiarsAgent CarterLaw & Order: SVUSupergirl, and all things Disney (Sleeping Beauty) and Captain America.

Regarding my extracurricular activities, I am in the Muslim Students Association, Debate club, and Sigma Tau Delta at the University of Michigan-Flint.

For your formatting inquiries: I am confident with MLA; currently learning the ways of APA.

Lizzy Spoelman

Writing Tutor

I am always so excited to come to the Writing Center and meet with students because it is such a great opportunity for me to learn more about the world I live in.

I grew up in Penang, Malaysia, where I spent much of my time enjoying the delicious foods they have there and hanging out with my buddies. However, four years ago I was called away from my home to begin the journey of higher education. So I packed up and moved to Flint. It’s been an exciting adjustment getting to know the Flint and Michigan area. I love learning new things and meeting new people. While going to school, I’ve had opportunities to work and travel in countries like Wales, Israel, Korea, Cambodia, Singapore, and England, to name a few.

Some of my favorite things are taking naps, NPR, Cowboy Bebop, dad jokes, Malaysia, Death Note, yummy food, the Beatles, traveling, and playing Race for the Galaxy.

Favorite Appointments: ESL/EFL students, TCP coursework, Economics papers

Writing Experience: Lesson plans, Unit plans

Anne Trelfa

Writing Tutor

Anne Trelfa is participating in the Masters program for English Language and Literature with a Composition and Rhetoric concentration.  Besides academic writing, she writes creatively in her spare time and submits to journals in hopes of eventually finding homes for some of her wayward work.  Trelfa is also working on journalistic pieces for a local magazine and is an editor for our campus literary magazine. 


Trelfa is a Leo, part of a large family and loves the arts.  She treasures used books and records more than new ones, although she won’t turn down new ones either… Trelfa can eat Mediterranean food every single day without complaint.  She is a night person and a morning person, but not a middle of the day kind of person.  Trelfa has a strong internal sense that middles of the day are for dreaming.  

Morgan Troxell

Writing Tutor

Hi, I’m Morgan. I’m double majoring in English with a specialization in literature and professional communication. Additionally, I’m working on obtaining a TESOL Certification, so I can travel and teach English abroad. I’m in the process of learning French and have an interest in learning other languages as well. I’m a firm believer in the old adage: when life hands you bagpipes, play them. Because you never know. You just might be made for that particular music making. Or, if you’re like me, you…well…might not be (I know. The picture is deceiving). The point is, I’ve had the most enlightening moments outside my comfort zone. Unless we are talking about the brief time I have spent on roller coasters. I do not like roller coasters. Otherwise, the space outside one’s comfort zone, which I’m going to call the "danger zone" (one takes the highway to get there), is where one realizes what he or she is made of, whether it is bagpipe material or of the daring pilot sort. Over the years, as a writing center consultant at Delta College’s Writing, Reading, Information, and Technology Center and, currently, as a tutor at the Marian E. Wright Writing Center (where the motto is: when life hands one papers, one reads them), I’ve discovered I have a fervent love of prewriting, creative writing, and if I, myself, were an essay, I would, hands down, be formatted in MLA. These things will forever have a locker in my heart next to lonely long walks on the beach and getting lost with company.  

Gavin Vance

Writing Tutor

Psychology Major, Professional/Technical Writing Minor

Languages: English (Proficient), Some Spanish

Favorite appointments: Writing/Revision

Writing Experience: Theory Class, Tutor Position

My name is Gavin Vance and I’m writing this elevator pitch for myself as a writing tutor in the MEW Writing Center. Are you sold yet? Uhhh. I like Psychology, which is why it’s my major, and I like writing which is why I’m here. Here as in the Writing Center, in case that was unclear. I also like to play music, so I suppose that’s why I spend time doing that. I can also spout myriads of uninteresting and insignificant facts about movies. Do you know the name of the Cantina band from Star Wars? Of course you don’t, you probably have something meaningful to be doing.

I do very much enjoy working and collaborating with people on ideas, which coincidentally, is a valued attribute to being a writing tutor. It’s not actually coincidental, that was a joke. Anyway, I’m deeply interested in, or can become easily intrigued by a great variance of topics so just in case you you thought I’d read your paper on underwater basket weaving and think “ew this is boring”, I totally won’t.

As far the content of my character, I’m not really sure which characteristics say the most about me. I try to give off the impression that I’m laid back and I can’t tell if it’s working. I also have an extremely difficult time describing myself for fear of sounding too pretentious or self deprecating, but if I shoot for the middle, I just sound boring. Oh the downfalls of inaction. I think I like to be helpful and I try to be altruistic about my intentions. I’ve even held different tutoring positions before this one, so perhaps this is evidence of my willingness to be helpful. But I also drink milk straight out of the carton, so, y’know.

Vicky Dawson

Writing Center Coordinator


Bachelor’s degree in English with a specialization in writing 2004, Master's in English, Composition and Rhetoric, 2013

Languages: English, APA, and MLA

I am rejoining the Marian E. Wright Writing Center yet again, but this time as the Writing Center coordinator.

I started my writing center journey in 2002 as a tutor, but as I pursued life and my two degrees, I have come and gone from the Writing Center a few times. My most recent endeavor has been as an instructor and EHS coordinator for the School of Education and Human Services (SEHS). I have also worked as a project coordinator for the Women’s Educational Center.

However, this is my fourth and hopefully last time working for the Writing Center—since I have found my permanent home here at the Marian E. Wright Writing Center. This fall, I was fortunate enough to be able to step into the very big shoes of my long time mentor and friend, Scott Russell—who just recently retired after 28 years. I hope I can grow into a wise sage just like Scott, inspiring writers and tutors, but maybe without the long beard.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my husband, 2 children, and friends. I also enjoy hiking, kayaking, talking, reading, writing, and playing with my menagerie of critters at home--which include 2 dogs, two cats, a rabbit, and 6 crazy chickens.

Jacob Blumner

Director, Marian. E. Wright Writing Center

Major: Life

Class: Beginner

Languages: American

Citation Style: I’m most comfortable with MLA, but I’m okay with APA and know how to find answers to the questions I don’t know.

Favorite Appointments: My own

Biography: Jacob Blumner has been known to bike, fish, hike, camp, woodwork, sew, hug trees, and get sucked into Internet rabbit holes. He also has been known to write and read on occasion. He also has been teaching writing and working in writing centers for a long time.