How to Become a Marian E. Wright Writing Center Tutor

From Director Jacob Blumner-

There are four basic requirements to enroll in this course:

1) You must have completed English 112 or its equivalent.

2) You must have a faculty member nominate you.  A nomination is simply an email to me stating you would be a good candidate for the course; it does not need to be a letter of recommendation.

3) You must provide a writing sample, preferably something academic.

4) Read the following explanation of the course:


English 363/563 is a course designed to prepare writers to become tutors in the Marian E. Wright Writing Center.  Because the course fulfills a requirement for undergraduates and graduates, I have no expectation that students in the course intend to become tutors.  The course covers both the theory and practice of tutoring and how they are applied in our Writing Center.  In the course you will write at least three short papers and one longer, research paper that takes theory and finds a way to apply it in the M.E.W Writing Center.  You can expect the workload to be equivalent to other 300/500 level courses.

One part of the course, unusual to English courses, is an observation component, akin to a lab in science.  You will need to observe in the Writing Center once a week for a 2-hour block.  There is some flexibility with when you can observe, but I need to assign you to a mentor tutor, so you need to have some time available during open Writing Center hours.  You will keep a notebook of your observations.  Additionally, I am considering incorporating a community outreach component into the course that would involve limited tutoring in the community for just a few hours over the course of the term.  This additional time would be offset with some time off of the practicum in the Writing Center.

I encourage you to talk to current tutors in the Writing Center to learn more about the class and working in the Center. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I can be reached via email at or by phone at 810-762-0655.

Course Description for: ENG 363/563 - Seminar in Collaborative Writing Theory and Practice

Consent of instructor - 4 credits. This class is offered in fall semesters only.

The Seminar in Collaborative Writing Theory and Practice allows students interested in tutoring to study the theory and practice of a university writing center. Through discussion, practice, and observation, you will begin to make connections between theory and practice to develop your own tutoring skills.  Two hours of observation in the Writing Center per week is required in addition to class periods.  ENG 363/563 is taught every fall semester.