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Writing Center Appointments

Our writing tutors help by:

  • going over the assignment sheet with you
  • asking questions to help you generate ideas
  • reading the paper out loud so you can hear what it might sound like to a reader (you can opt out if you feel uncomfortable)
  • offering feedback based on the tutor's understanding as a reader about how well the paper seems to accomplish your goals and the assignment sheet expectations
  • giving you support, feedback, and/or resources for revision, grammar and citations

You are welcome to make multiple appointments to work through new drafts of your paper, but please, only make one appointment per draft (more than one appointment is only allowed if the paper is long and requires multiple appointments to get through the whole paper.) We want to avoid giving redundant feedback on the same paper or section that has already been tutored). Once you have made substantial changes and have a substantial new draft, feel free to make another appointment.

NOTE: E-Tutoring and Live Online papers are reserved for papers from online or mixed-mode classes only. Please make a face-to-face appointment for papers from onsite classes. Face-to-Face appointments are more advantageous because you and the tutor can talk more easily about what you are working on and what's going on in the paper.

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Face-to-Face Tutoring

Face-to-Face appointments occur in the Writing Center. You can bring papers, essays, cover letters, resumes, presenatations, creative writing, and more to the writing center. 

Face-to-Face appointments: 0-5 pages 25 minutes; 6-10 pages 50 minutes.



E-tutoring provides digital feedback only. A tutor will provide feedback you can review later using the Word comment feature. E-tutoring and Live Online appointments are reserved for online students only.

Live Online or E-Tutoring appointments: 0-4 pages 25 minutes; 5-9 pages 55 minutes.

Online (Live)

Online (Live Online), appointments are conducted using live video chats. You and your tutor can review your paper, discuss questions and concerns, and both make comments in the work area.

Live Online or E-Tutoring: 0-4 pages 25 minutes; 5-9 pages 55 minutes



Tutors can even provide feedback on your presentation materials and your performance. Bring drafts of your materials for freedback and practice in front of a tutor.

Presentation appointments: 0-5 minute presentations, 25 minutes; 6-10 minute presentations, 50 minutes.