Types of Appointments:

~ Face-to-Face ~ Online/E-Tutoring ~ Live Online ~ Speaking ~

How to make an appointment:

Step 1: Select a tutor for the kind of appointment you want: Face-to-Face (meet in the Writing Center), E-Tutoring (tutor provides digital feedback), or Live Online (video chat with your tutor). Tutors that do not have anything listed beneath their name, only do face-to-face appointments. 

Step 2: Select an open white space for either a half hour or an hour.  See submission guidelines below for page range guidelines.

Step 3: Fill out the dialog box and be sure to select which kind of appointment you need.

Step 4: If you chose to make an “E-tutoring” or “Live Online” appointment, upload your paper by clicking on the yellow folder icon below your name on the schedule.

How long should I schedule an appointment for?
  • Face-to-Face appointments: 0-5 pages 25 minutes; 6-10 pages 50 minutes.
  • Live Online or E-Tutoring: 0-4 pages 25 minutes; 5-9 pages 55 minutes.
  • Papers over 10 pages: You can make up to two hours worth of appointments to cover up to 20 pages, per week, per assignment. Please let the tutor know which page range you need tutored. We need to limit it to 20 pages and two hours so we are able to accommodate as many students as we can. Please consider using the feedback you received from the first two hours and apply that to the rest of your paper. Often, you'll see repeating issues you can then spot and revise on your own. However, if you feel you still need additional tutoring support, please wait until the following week to submit further work, up to 2 hours worth per assignment. Thank you for your understanding. 
  • Appointments end 5 minutes before the half hour or hour is up to give the tutor time between appointments.
Additional Information about each of our Appointment types

Face-to-Face Appointments

Face-to-Face appointments occur in the Writing Center. You can bring papers, essays, cover letters, resumes, presenatations, creative writing, and more to the writing center. 

Online/E-Tutoring Appointments
Online appointments are reserved for students taking online classes.



This semester we are piloting a new live version of our online tutoring. Just like in a face-to-face tutoring session, you will meet with your tutor to discuss your paper, but only via video chat. We have four tutors assigned to our pilot, live-online tutoring: Taylor, Tyrice, Sara, with an (a), and Kris. As mentioned, this program is new. We hope things go smoothly, but if you have any issues, please feel free to call the Writing Center for trouble-shooting 810-766-6602.

Protocol and tips for making a Live-Online appointment:

Please upload a Word document, rather than a PDF. We are unable to import any PDF’s into the workspace. We are sorry about the inconvenience. 

  • It is best to have your paper and the assignment sheet (if applicable) uploaded at least an hour before the appointment, to maximize your time with the tutor.
  • Please check your internet connection before the appointment. Sometimes technology fails us and in that case, we urge you to contact the Writing Center for help (810)766-6602.
  • Make sure that your camera and microphone are enabled. 


Speaking Appointments

The Writing Center can help as you work to develop and refine presentations, provide feedback on your public speaking skills, and give you tips and support during practice sessions.


0- 5 minute presentation: 25 minute appointment

6-10 minute presentation: 55 minute appointment

10 + minute presentation: Multiple appointments

For speaking times over 10 minutes, please make a separate appointment. Also, please avoid making a consecutive two hour block with the same tutor. Leave a break between the first hour and the second, or arrange the second block with another tutor. Just like you, it’s easier for a tutor to look and listen at something with fresh eyes and ears.

11-15 minutes: make an additional ½ hour appointment

16-20 minutes: make an additional 1 hour appointment

In order to accommodate as many students as possible, please only submit up to 20 minutes of your presentation, which equates to two hours of tutoring on our schedule, but again, please leave a break between each one hour block of tutoring. If you feel you need support on later sections of your presentation, we ask that you wait until the following week to make an additional appointment. Often the feedback you receive on the first 20 minutes can be very helpful in noticing patterns you can look for in the rest of your presentation. 

Q/A’s about speaking appointments and presentations:

What should I bring to a session?

  • Assignment sheet/speech criteria,
  • Digital copy of your presentation slides, and a hard copy of your outline
  • Speaking notes.
  • Questions and ideas to work on with a tutor

What will happen in a speaking tutoring session?

  • Getting started: collaborate with a tutor on ideas, organization, and style
  • Revising materials: get feedback on presentation
  • Practice: presentation skills
  • Discuss: areas to improve

YouTube resources on how to design a PowerPoint, Prezi, or Google Slides

Helpful tips to prepare for a presentation: