Academic, legal, and immigration assistance

Students survivors may have concerns about academic performance, financial aid, legal implications, and immigration status. Click the tabs below for more information and resources. 


Academics & Financial Aid

The Office of the Dean of Students is available to assist students in connecting to resources within the division of Academic Affairs. Students who are concerned about their classes and academics as a result of violence can reach out to the Dean of Students for assistance.

Office of the Dean of Students
375 University Center
(810) 762-5728 •


Students may have concerns about financial aid matters, such as how their financial aid might be affected by a reduction in course load. Information about financial aid matters is available from the Office of Financial Aid, or from the individual university unit that administers the particular scholarship or other form of financial assistance. Since there can be extenuating circumstances in these matters, students are encouraged to involve an advocate, such as the WEC, when contacting one of these offices, to ensure that the office has all of the information necessary to provide an accurate response.

Office of Financial Aid
277 University Pavilion
(810) 762-3444 •

Women’s Educational Center (WEC)
213 University Center
(810) 237-6648 •



Students sometimes have questions about how various action (e.g., a reduction in course load, change in work circumstances) may impact their visa or immigrations status. Additionally, students may have questions regarding whether they are eligible to obtain visas (U and T visas) designated to assist victims of certain crimes. Private and confidential information about visa and immigration status is available from the International Center (IC) for both the primary status holder as well as any individuals in a dependent immigration status, such as H-4, J-2, or F-2, who are sponsored by the University of Michigan-Flint. The IC may have to refer you to external immigration counsel for certain questions.

International Center (students only)
219 University Center
(810) 762-0867 •

International Center (faculty & staff only)
1500 Student Activities Building, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
(734) 764-9310 •