Moments Filled With Meaning

The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” guides how University Relations conceptualizes and captures compelling images for the campus community to use.

A great photo evokes emotion, is action-oriented, makes you ask questions, and ultimately tells a great story. Creating a strong visual narrative may be even more important than written narratives for the simple fact that eyes are drawn to images first.

Though University Relations doesn't have an in-house photographer, we can still help you capture the UM-Flint experience from your vantage point with great photography for your website, print, or other needs.

If you have an important story, reach out to us and we will work with you to develop the visual idea that best tells it. We can also help match your idea with the university-approved photographer best suited for your project.

First familiarize yourself with UM-Flint's Digital Asset Manager (DAM), your source for all officially approved photographs and graphics. The perfect image for your project may already exist.

If you have great photos that you would like added to the DAM, please send them to so they can be reviewed, approved, and uploaded. 

To learn more about photography and how it contributes to the overall UM-Flint brand, make use of the UM-Flint Brand Toolkit.