Navigating the Evolving Media Landscape

Info for campus communicators:

The Office of University Relations exists to enhance and amplify the messages of every UM-Flint unit, organization, and department. Thanks to the internet, we're no longer dependent on traditional media to package and distribute the information we want audiences to receive.

However, those outlets still play a major role in communicating information and shaping attitudes among key audiences. There are practices and protocols to follow to work effectively with these media outlets. There are also techniques for connecting and leveraging old and new media to meet objectives.

We encourage departments to meet with UREL’s media and communication experts to discuss strategies for achieving your goals and aligning them with broader institutional goals.

Because individual units don’t always know how their efforts interface with other university efforts, utilizing UREL as an internal communication clearinghouse is important. Contact UREL to navigate new and old media, internal and external audiences, and all communication concerns.

Info for news media:

The University of Michigan-Flint is a treasure trove of expertise, research on the cutting edge, stories of personal triumph, and refreshing perspectives on the role higher education must play in cities like Flint. Over the course of its nearly sixty years, UM-Flint has earned a global reputation for expertise in engaged learning.

By applying the very best learning towards solving the most difficult problems faced by communities near and far, UM-Flint students become their best selves as they better our world. That's always a story worth telling! UM-Flint's media relations team is here to help you schedule interviews, set up photo/film/video shoots, and assist you with any questions or requests.

Media Relations Contact

Contact the Office of University Relations at (810) 237-6570 for:

  • Questions about the institution
  • Coordinating interviews with administrators and faculty experts 
  • All other media requests and inquries