What is Marketing?

There is a fair amount of confusion about what exactly people mean when they say "marketing," or "branding," or "advertising." When University Relations talks about marketing, we mean the specific strategies and vehicles through which the UM-Flint brand and its key messages are communicated to target audiences.

That said, there’s more to effective marketing than targeted spending of marketing dollars. Just because a marketing budget exists does not mean your product or service (or academic program or university event) is ready to be marketed.

The best use of limited resources may be getting your website in order so that a Google AdWords campaign can direct potential students to content that is meaningful to them and actually helps them make informed decisions.

Before you buy another billboard or brochure, talk to University Relations about your goals so we can help develop a holistic, strategic plan for achieving them.

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Melissa Brown

Assistant Director

Contact Melissa for assistance with:

  • Reviewing marketing budgets
  • Media/marketing buys
  • Project management
  • Campaign development