Design Services

Graphic design is visual brand messaging. The look and feel of every communication piece should exemplify the overall UM-Flint brand. Every design, whether a full brochure or a special graphic for a one-time event, must represent and reflect the high standard and deep pride one would expect from the University of Michigan-Flint. Don't risk that reputation by using sub-quality graphic design. Contact UREL's design experts.

Our design services are provided at no cost. For printed pieces, the use of an approved print vendor is recommended and will be an expense for your department. University Relations can recommend a printer based on your project's specific needs and budget, but will not contact printers (for quotes, etc.) on your behalf.

Please note that a scope-of-work review will take place to determine the amount of time allocated for your project. A minimum of two weeks is needed to complete a first draft of a graphic project. Any additional time needed will be determined at the time of project submission.

Please include the following information during your initial contact:

  • Summary of content/purpose
  • Audience you are trying to reach
  • Plan for distribution (example: email v. regular mail)
  • Examples of similar pieces
  • Finalized text and photos (or will copywriting/photography also be needed?)
  • Your requested date of completion
(810) 237-6570

Tricia Bocherding

Senior Graphic Designer

Contact Tricia for assistance with:

  • All graphic design questions
  • Printing-related questions
  • Photography for graphic design
  • Creative development