Brand & Messaging

Brand is more than colors, fonts, and logos. Messaging is more than vision statements and catchy slogans.

Marketing research confirms the University of Michigan-Flint has a well-established brand identity. This identity, our reputation, has been earned through years of hard work by UM-Flint faculty, staff, students, and everyone who has helped create positive associations about this institution by delivering on our brand promise: 

The University of Michigan-Flint is the premier urban center for learning, research, and civic engagement.

Logos and slogans cannot make good on this promise alone. UM-Flint’s biggest brand drivers are the authentic experiences individuals have with our people and programs. University Relations approaches the work of brand and messaging from this experiential point of view, working with departments to help them better embody, utilize, and drive the overall UM-Flint brand.

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Bob Mabbitt

Brand and Content Strategist

Contact Bob for assistance with:

  • Communication/content strategy
  • Creative development
  • Testimonial/feature story development
  • Drupal/web writing best practices