Sterling Staff Award

The Sterling Staff Award is designed to acknowledge staff members for their contributions to the UM-Flint campus. Students, staff, or faculty members can submit a nomination to let staff members know they are making a difference, that what they do is valued, and to recognize them for going the extra distance in their work.

All staff members who are nominated will receive a certificate from Staff Council, and their supervisor will be notified.

Nominate a deserving staff member today!

Use the Golden Apple Award form for faculty/teachers.

2018-19 Sterling Staff Award Recipients

Lindsay Stoddard- UCOM
June 2018
Nikki Swink- Early Childhood Development Center
August 2018
Sheena Lewis- CAS
September 2018
Sarah Hubbs- Facilities & Operations
September 2018
Michelle Graham- Accounting
September 2018
Becky Armour Standel- Student Success Center
October 2018

Staff Recognition Award

Each year, Staff Council honors one (or more) UM-Flint staff member who demonstrates consistent leadership, teamwork, service, and dedication to UM-Flint faculty, staff, and students. The award carries a $500 honorarium, and the recipient is honored at the Annual Staff Assembly Spring Meeting. Additional information about the guidelines and procedures for the award is available on the award brochure.

The 2019 awardee(s) nomination information will be posted in winter. Award recipient(s) will be recognized at the Annual Staff Assembly Spring Meeting in May.

Staff Recognition Award Recipients

Prior award recipients:
2018        Jo Klingler
2017        Rebecca Pettengill and Joy O'Brien
2016        Rhonda Banks and Cheryl Godmar
2015        Suzanne Shivnen & Monique Wilhelm
2014        Karen Davis & Kathy Howe
2013        Dan Sherman & Judy Bedore
2012        Carol Hall & Steve Harrow
2011        Jason Gooding & Lori Vedder    
2010        Marie Angeluski & Beulah Alexander
2009        Rhonda Broadworth & Grounds Crew*
2008        Mary Deibis & Nicholas Gaspar
2007        Sandra Alberto
2006        Sidney Horton & Sue Fabbro
2005        Paula Pollander & Sharon Seames
2004        Reva Kidd
2003        Harvey Sherman & Becky Wood
2002        Lillian Henry & Susan Taylor
2001        Martha Guenin & Richard Horning
2000        Jennifer Flager & Ron Chapman
1999        Peggy Holcumb & Catherine Thibault
1998        Ann Briggs
1997        Renee Zientek
1996        Todd Toulouse
1995        Virginia Sullivan
*Grounds crew recipients included Greg Koch, Les Frazee, D. McClung, David Hodges, R. Adams, Dwayne Gidcumb, and Michael Dekold.