Bachelor of Business Administration

The School of Management offers a variety of undergraduate programs designed to meet the needs of traditional students, returning students, and students already established in their professional careers.

In addition to seven majors, the Bachelor of Business Administration program offers an honors program as well as the ability to complete core business courses and a number of business elective courses online. Minors in Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Business, Human Resource Management, and Marketing are available for non-business majors.

The School of Management provides services to students in schedule and curriculum advising, assistance in academic matter appeals, information on internships and job openings in various business fields, and information on tutoring.

The School of Management’s BBA program offers:

  • Accreditation by AACSB International, the premier accreditation association for business schools.
  • Day and evening courses with small class sizes.
  • Highly accomplished professors that actively engage in teaching and research.
  • An online track (BBA Online).
  • A business internship program.
  • Study abroad opportunities. 
  • Business student organizations.
Interested students may apply through the University of Michigan-Flint Office of Admissions.



Students are admitted to the BBA program as early as their freshman year. In addition, the School of Management has a number of articulation agreements with community colleges that facilitate the transfer of credits.

Starting with Fall 2016*, admission to all business majors requires a grade point average of 2.2 and successful completion of pre-business courses. Freshmen and transfer students from several community college articulation agreement partners are admitted as pre-business students through the University of Michigan Flint Office of Admissions.

Upon meeting the following requirements, students are admitted to the Bachelor of Business Administration program and can choose any business major:

  • At least 2.2 overall grade point average in all colleges attended,
  • Successful completion or transfer of the following  pre-business courses: BUS 110, 115, 250, ACC 201, 202, SCM 211, ECN 201, 202, MTH 118 or 121,  ENG/COM 338, PSY/SOC 100, and
  • Attendance to an online or in-person BBA orientation session held by School of Management academic advisors,
Applications to the BBA programs can be made through SIS (Student Information System).

Upon admission, students will be able to register for any higher level business courses towards their degree requirements. Students may be currently registered for some pre-business courses at time of application to the BBA program. Admission in such situations will be conditional on successful completion of these courses prior to first academic term as a business major. Otherwise, they will be administratively dropped from higher-level business courses. Students may apply for admission again later.

* This applies only to new students entering the University in Fall 2016 or later.


Degree Requirements

The BBA program consists of 120 credit hours (minimum) of undergraduate coursework, including general education, pre-business core, business core, and major courses.

All undergraduate business students must declare and fulfill the requirements for a major in at least one of the following areas: Accounting, Finance, General Business, International Business, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, Management (with specialization in Entrepreneurship or Operations Management), or Marketing. The majors in the BBA program are developed around market needs and faculty expertise and allow you to focus your studies and develop skills in an area of business consistent with your career objectives.

Please refer to the online catalog for detailed BBA degree requirements.
Honors Program

The School of Management honors program offers students of superior ability and demonstrated achievement an opportunity to broaden and enrich their management education. Supplementing and paralleling the regular curriculum, it encourages greater depth and breadth in regular courses and offers independent study and research. The program includes an opportunity for off-campus study and an honors thesis. Upon completion of the program, students are named a School of Management honor program scholar, which is denoted on their transcript and diploma.

Admission to the honors program is by invitation only. Selection is made on the basis of performance in the freshman/sophomore honors program. A student may also be admitted after establishing a record of superior performance in the regular program. All students in good standing in the program receive financial aid.

Please refer to the online catalog for more information, including degree requirements.

Online Bachelor of Business Administration

The University of Michigan-Flint is proud to offer the Online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The convenience of the Online BBA program enables you to reach your educational goals while balancing your professional and personal life. Start on the path to your University of Michigan degree

The Online BBA at the University of Michigan-Flint offers a unique combination of rigor, convenience, and flexibility. University of Michigan-Flint faculty inspire interactive learning through numerous asynchronous activities in the virtual classroom. There are three majors offered online including Accounting, General Business, and Marketing. 

  • Highly qualified faculty with significant online teaching experience
  • Faculty offer both online and on-campus office hours
  • State-of-the-art online teaching technology utilizing the Blackboard learning platform
  • Comprehensive technical and academic support to answer your questions
  • Our AACSB-International accreditation is an assurance of high quality and excellence 
  • Online BBA students can participate in the School of Management’s outstanding programs including: Business Internship Program, education abroad, business pitch competition, student organizations, and scholarships
BBA Online Requirements
  • Must be admitted to the University of Michigan-Flint. 
  • Must transfer in with 25+ credits. 
  • Must apply to the BBA program after Pre-Business courses are complete.  See BBA program admission, under the BBA Tab, for more details.    
BBA Online Recommendations
  • Students may wish to consider transferring with the equivalent of UM-Flint’s MTH 118 (Calculus for Business & Social Science majors) or MTH 121 (Calculus I). 
  • Students may also wish to consider transferring with the General Education requirement of a 4-credit hour Natural Science w/ Lab (N/NL). 

Students wishing to apply to the Online BBA program can do so on the Undergraduate Admissions webpage or at this Online Application link. All Online BBA students must apply as transfer students. During the application process under Academic Interest, you will select, “Business (pre)”. Once admitted, please make your academic advisor aware that you will be pursuing the Online BBA program and they will make a notation in your file. Once you have completed all Pre-Business courses, you can apply to the BBA program. 


A student will need to complete at least 120 credit hours, including all the degree requirements set forth by the University of Michigan-Flint. A student must complete a minimum of 45 credit hours at the University of Michigan-Flint and the last 30 credit hours must be completed at UM-Flint to earn your University of Michigan-Flint BBA degree. This means a student cannot take a course at another institution in their last 30 credit hours. 

Students pursuing the BBA Online will meet the same requirements as students pursing the BBA on campus. All student are required to complete BBA program requirements including Pre-Business, General Education, Focus Electives, Business Core, and a Business Major.  General Business and Marketing are the only two majors offered in the 100% online format. There are eight business majors; but the other six majors have courses offered only on campus. 

Academic Calendar

The Online BBA program follows the University of Michigan-Flint’s traditional academic calendar; courses are not accelerated. Fall/Winter semesters are 16 weeks in length and Spring/Summer semesters are 7 weeks in length. Students can take courses in all four semesters should they wish to.   

Course rotations are provided to help students plan future semesters. Course rotations are to be used as a guide, and can change at any time. Please use the official course catalog within SIS for the most up to date course offerings. Calendars and course rotations are located on the right side of this page in the blue box


Students will use Blackboard, our online learning platform, to take tests, submit assignments, view syllabi, due dates, and use it to perform other online functions. Students are required to participate in discussions and activities within Blackboard on a regular basis. Students will not have to log on at specified times, but must submit assignments and take test by the posted due dates. Tests are taken within Blackboard and are not proctored. Students will have a block of dates in which an online test must be taken. Professors will have online office hours and will be available to answers question via email. All University of Michigan-Flint School of Management professors teach both online and on campus. Students can always make phone or in-person appointment with professors. 


With the permission of the major department, any student enrolled in a College of Arts and Sciences program may complete one of the following minors:  (click each to view in the online catalog)