Social Work Club

Social Work Club at the University of Michigan-Flint is an organization put together by civic-minded social work students. Club members raise money for service projects, raise awareness for social justice causes, and volunteer around the Greater Flint community.

Past events include adopt a family, rallying against child abuse, the creation of 20 rain barrels for urban gardens, Soberfest, and putting on a sock hop to raise money for the Flint homeless population. The organization consistently volunteers at the North End Soup Kitchen and Catholic Charities' Community Closet, as well as many other annual events need volunteers. The only requirement to join is payment of dues which are $5 annually or $3 per semester. 


Phi Alpha

The Zeta Lambda chapter of Phi Alpha Honor Society is a University of Michigan-Flint organization that stresses community service through knowledge building opportunities. Phi Alpha puts on bi weekly educational workshops such as tutoring, service implementation to the deaf community, and relaxation and meditation. They also partner with Social Work Club occasionally as they did for Legislation, Education, and Advocacy Day (LEAD) and the creation of rain barrels to bolster Flint's community garden movement. Membership requirements are as follows:

  *   Declared Social Work as a major
  *   Achieved sophomore status
  *   Completed 9 semester hours of core social work classes such as SWR 240, SWR 270, SWR 300, SWR 301, etc.
  *   Achieved an overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  *   Achieved a 3.25 in required social work course
  *   Payment of one-time $55 membership dues

Any student interested in joining Phi Alpha who believes he/she meets the above requirements may contact Professor Womack for GPA verification at More information about Phi Alpha can also be found in the organization's bylaws.