Victim Reporting Procedure

If you are a victim of a criminal act, contact the Department of Public Safety to make a report of the incident. The incident will be documented and the department will conduct an investigation. The investigation will allow the department to prevent future incidents by processing the guilty party through the appropriate system, either the university or court, and to plan for prevention of further occurrences. The incidents documented by the department will be forwarded to the Michigan State Police to be included in the computation of statistical information collected through the Uniform Crime Reporting System. This information is then forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the compiling of federal statistics.

If you witness a crime, suspicious person, or suspicious incident contact the department at once. Your awareness and input are essential to campus crime prevention.

If an incident occurs off campus, the department will assist you in contacting the appropriate agency.

The department prepares written reports for all criminal activities, as well as written reports for vehicle and personal accidents. All reports are strictly confidential. Copies of incident reports, for insurance purposes, may be obtained from the administrative office of Public Safety.