Personal Safety Tips and Policies

Personal Safety Information

Personal Safety and Security Policies

  • Alcohol and Drug Prevention Policy
    This policy is intended to educate the University community about the health risks associated with the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs and about the resources available for counseling and therapy. The University prohibits unlawful possession, use, or distribution of alcohol or illicit drugs by faculty, staff, or students on university property or as part of any University activity.
    • The University of Michigan-Flint, in accordance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA) completes a biennial review. The 2014-2016 UM-Flint DFSCA Biennial Review Executive Summary is available HERE; the Report is available HERE.
  • Possession of Weapons on Campus
    No person shall possess any firearms, dangerous weapons or dangerous knives on campus or at any UM-Flint sponsored event or activity, including any leased space as may be permitted by State law.
  • Student Sexual Misconduct Policy
    The University of Michigan is committed to creating a community free from violence. Sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and stalking, as defined by state and federal laws, will not be tolerated at the University of Michigan.
    • The 2014-2016 UM-Flint Student Sexual Misconduct Report is availale HERE
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
    A claim under this policy may be brought by the university or by a faculty, staff, or student member of the university community based on the conduct of any university employee. Complaints based on conduct by students who are not also employees of the university are addressed in the Interim Policy on Discrimination and Discriminatory Conduct by Students in the University Environment, which is administered by the vice chancellor for student services and enrollment management.
  • Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities
    The primary purpose of the Student Rights Policy is to assist the University of Michigan-Flint in providing an environment which supports the educational process and the well-being of the campus community.
  • Key/MCard Access Policy
    This policy describes the issuance, replacement and tracking of UM-Flint Campus building and facility keys.

Additional Services Provided by the Office of Public Safety

Click here for a listing of general services such as automobile accident reports, car problems, lost and found, personal injury reports,  locksmith services, and more.