Blue Parking Pilot Program

The Campus Parking and Traffic Advisory Committee is pleased to offer faculty and staff the opportunity to park in the University Pavilion Ramp through the Blue Parking Pilot Program.

Fifty-seven (57) spaces on the second level of the University Pavilion Ramp have been designated as Blue Parking; special permits are required to utilize these spaces. For the start of the pilot, a total of fifty-seven (57) permits will be sold.

During periods of Open Parking, only Blue Parking permit holders will be eligible to park in Blue Parking designated spaces. Faculty and staff may park in unmarked spaces in any parking ramp or flat lot owned or operated by the University during Open Parking.

The cost to acquire the Blue Parking permit will be $30 per month. Permit holders have the option to withdraw from the program at any time. The fee for the Blue Parking Permit is a flat $30 per month (the standard $12.50 per month is included in this rate). The rate for the standard faculty and staff parking permit will remain $12.50 per month ($150 annually).

All faculty and staff are eligible to apply for the Blue Parking permit.  Permits will be issued through an application process on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications to participate in the pilot program will be accepted September 1 through December 1, 2017; Blue Parking permits will not be issued past December 1, 2017.

The Campus Parking and Traffic Advisory Committee will monitor and assess the pilot and reserves the right to make adjustments to or terminate the Blue Parking pilot program. The committee will evaluate the program and make a recommendation regarding its formal implementation no later than May 31, 2018.

Those withdrawing from the pilot must return the Blue Parking Permit to DPS. Rates will not be prorated mid-month; if an employee withdraws in the middle of the month, they will be charged for the full month. The regular fee of $12.50 will apply starting the first of the next month.   

The Campus Parking and Traffic Advisory Committee unanimously approved the Blue Parking Pilot Program on 7/19/17