We have provided a list of commonly asked questions for you, as a point of reference. Inquiries may also be directed to the online "Help" link of the Customer Service Department at

1.   What is your website address and toll free phone number?


2.    Are students still looking?  When is a good time to advertise?

Students look for housing throughout the year.  Many of them look for accommodations in advance, usually beginning their search months before they need to move in.

Students usually start looking in November for accommodations for the Winter term (January to April) and in January (and on) for the Spring and Summer terms.

The school calendar year is typically 8 months in duration (September to April).  Generally, a landlord will ask for an 8 month lease instead of a 12 month lease, in order that students do not have to pay for the summer months.  If a landlord requests a 12 month lease, they may reduce the rent during the summer months.

3.    How do I go about placing an advertisement?

Landlords may register by visiting our website and in the "Landlords" section of our hope page, click "Register Now".

If a landlord does not have access to a computer, our Customer Service staff can assist with registering and creating a listing over the phone.  However, the advantages of performing this online include:

●Unlimited access to property listing (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
●Ability to create, edit and/or post listings independently online.
●Print receipts and/or upload photos and floor plans.
●View the number of student viewings on listing at any time.

Students may advertise for free, if your school has chosen to utilize this feature.  However, students must use their school issued e-mail address to post free Sublet or Profile listings.

"Do you have a room to rent or are you looking for a roommate?"  Suggest they post a "Student Sublet".

"Are you looking for a room or place to rent?"  Suggest they post a "Student Profile".

Students may register by visiting the Places4Students website and in the "Roommate Finder" section of our home page; click "Register Now".

4.    How do I go about getting a lease agreement and/or information regarding landlord/tenant questions and concerns?

         Community Dispute Resolution Center (CDR)
         Also known as:
         Community Mediation Center
         Community Conflict Resolution Center

(Please search online for the appropriate offices in your city or state)

5.    How do I add pictures to my listing?

Photos must first be stored in a file on the student or landlord's computer and then uploaded to our website. This process is self-explanatory online, but anyone with questions may contact our office for assistance.

6.    How is payment for listings made?

Payment may be made by Visa or MasterCard online.

If a landlord does not have a credit card or does not wish to make a payment line, they can send a money order to:

Places4Students Inc.
176 James Street
St. Catharines, ON
L2R 5C5

**Landlords should be sure to quote their 5 digit listing number for reference.**

7.   Why am I not getting any calls about my listing?

There are a number of factors to consider when placing a property listing online:

Price, distance to the school, amenities provided, local rental vacancy rates, rising tuition costs, the number of rental properties in the area, etc.

8.    I forgot my password - can you tell me what it is?

The landlord can contact Places4Students office for assistance if you forget your user name or password.

9.    I want to take my listing offline how do I do that?

The landlord can do this online through their account or they can contact Places4Students' office for assistance.

10.  How do I edit my listing?

The landlord can "Sign In" and access their account.  In the "My Listings" section, choose the appropriate saved listing and click "Edit".  Changes can be made by clicking on the appropriate page (steps 1 to 6) and editing the appropriate fields (be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page).

All edits and changes made by landlords must be approved by a Places4Students staff member, before being posted and viewed online by students.  Listings are posted hourly during business hours.  Original listings (without the edits) will remain online until the updated versions are posted by Places4Students staff.

11.  Any other questions?

         Please contact Places4Students at their toll free number 1-866-766-0767 if you have additional questions.