Ice Rink Status

The ice rink will be closed Sunday, February 23, 2020.

  • Spring Break Adjusted Hours:

    Saturday, Feb 29 ~ 8am-4pm

    Sunday, Mar 1 ~ 11am-6pm

    Monday, Mar 2-Friday, Mar 6 ~ 6am-8pm

    Saturday, Mar 7 ~ 8am-4pm

    Sunday, Mar 8 ~ 11am-6pm

The Recreation Center is open to the public through memberships, day passes, specialty fitness classes or youth camps and is open to all enrolled students who are registered for classes for the current Fall, Winter semesters or Spring, Summer sessions via their MCard. The facility boasts features such as an indoor track, pool, spa, cardio and weight areas, plus much more to help you get and stay in shape.

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  • Limited Court Availability Mon-Wed Evenings:  Winter semester means our students are here and active! This also means limited gym court availability from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Wednesday due to student activities. We encourage you to call ahead about a specific date if you wish to utilize the courts during those time frames: (810) 762-3441
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Equipment Orientation

Ensure a successful transition to working out at the UM-Flint Rec Center with a free Equipment Orientation. Contact Jessica Viertlboeck at (810) 424-5275 to schedule your appointment!

  • Dont let the Cybex® Prestige machines, free weights or cardio equipment intimidate you. An equipment orientation is available for free to Rec Center members and UM-Flint students by appointment. 
  • Many of the Cybex® machines have demonstration QR codes for extra assistance.
  • For individual questions, a trained attendant is always on duty and happy to help.

Esports Team

UM-Flint is starting an esports team in Fall 2020. Learn more about the program and how to get involved!

Riley M., Dedicated Member

Q) How long have you been a member at the UM-Flint Rec Center?

A) Winter of 1988 I started taking classes at UM-Flint. My last class was the Winter 2004. 

Membership may have lapsed at times, but have been running on the track for 31 years.

I've ran over 43,000 miles in my life, I'd guess 5% have been ran on the UM-Flint track. 

I'm thinking more miles than any other present or past members.

Q) How did you find out about the Rec Center/ What motivated you to join?

A) I probably first heard of it from my brother. He was a student and working for Gary Parr back in 1980-1983.

I'd been going to classes in 1988 for a few weeks before hearing the rec was included in tuition.

Upon hearing that is when I started going.

Q) What are your favorite aspects of the Rec Center?

A) The track of course. But, I only use it when temperature is below 40. 

Being 68 years old I stay off snowy and icy surfaces. 

One fall at this age could end my 43 year running career.

So, my favorite aspect is a warm, safe, place to run when needed.

Q) What advice would you give new members/How would you motivate someone new to join? 

A) It's good to exercise and condition all muscles, but don't forget what your most important muscle is--it's your heart.

Get your heart in shape first, then move on to the rest of the body. Use the track or cardio room.

Q) Anything else you would like to mention? 

A) A couple years ago I marked the track with maize and blue duct tape.

They are five markers on the inner railing poles. The track is accurately measured and is 10.6 laps/mile as stated.

After running 10.5 laps look for the next maize and blue marker, that is 10.6 or 1 mile.

53 laps equal 5 miles, the distance I usually do.

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