Political Science Department - Sample 4-Year Plan of Study

The following sample four-year plan is designed to assist students in their long-term academic planning. Please note that specific courses fulfilling University General Educaton Requirements are suggestions. While these courses complement the Political Science major, others will also. Please consult with your Political Science advisor before making any choices.

The goal of this sample plan is to help students see how the requirements of prerequisites, major course requirements, general education, electives, and minor course requirements can be woven together effectively to allow for on-time graduation. Each student’s actual course of study will vary, based on their interests, placement exams, beginning semester of study, transfer or AP credits, etc. This is why seeing an academic advisor in your major department is critically important.

• Political Science Sample 4-Year Plan

Political Science General Program

Political Science General Program (BA)

Political Science Department information  

The General Program in Political Science is intended to meet the needs of students planning to continue their studies in political science or related fields at the graduate level, or planning to prepare for professional work in such fields as government, law, education and journalism.

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