Written reflection is a powerful way to document your learning and enhance your service experience. In a final reflective essay, please respond to each of the following questions summarizing the highlights of your service experiences:

  • Briefly describe the type of service you provided in the community. What community issues were you able to address? What motivated you to become involved in these projects?
  • What impact do you feel your service has had on the community or communities you served?
  • What is the most significant thing you have learned from your service experiences?  How has your service experiences changed the way you think?
  • How have your service experiences impacted your immediate and long-term goals (personal, professional, educational and civic)? How have they affected your plans for future involvement in the community?

The reflective essay should be at least two typed pages and should be emailed to Gary Ashley in University Outreach no later than one month prior to your graduation date.