ZaQuan Callahan, Orientation Leader

“Welcome to the University of Michigan-Flint!” :) I’m ZaQuan Callahan and I’m in my sophomore year here at the University of Michigan-Flint! I CURRENTLY am immersed in the wonderful world of molecular biology here. I was born in Lansing, MI, moved to Georgia when I was 3, then moved back to Michigan for my adolescence years so if I’m ever talking too fast to understand PLEASE stop me! I identify as a black, gay, male and am going to college to become either a general surgeon or a neurosurgeon. To share a little about my personality, I LOVE advocating for people and making sure everybody feels belonged. That being said, my decision to join the Wolverine family here at the University of Michigan-Flint was one of the easiest decisions I’ve made throughout my life. In all honesty, I was reluctant on coming here at first, and was dead set on a different university. It wasn’t until my orientation that my love for this campus began to blossom, and it is still blooming to this day. During my time on this campus, I have seen countless accounts of the school working hand in hand with students and student led organizations to build what is, in my opinion, one of the most inclusive college campuses across Michigan. I know that the idea of college may be stressful and scary but a good friend of mine once said, “the hard decisions usually turn out to be the best ones.” I have found that the best way to assimilate yourself when first coming to college is to get involved! During my freshman year here (last year) I joined our Campus Activities Board and pledged for a fraternity. Both have made my experience here phenomenally more enjoyable than just going straight to my room after classes. Getting involved exposed me to so much advice from students who’ve already gone through what I eventually will have to do, and helped me make so many life-long friendships.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve taken up enough of your time, but remember, Freshman = Fresh Me! You now have a completely fresh start to be the person that YOU want to be. Use every ounce of that freedom to make your life worthwhile.


Debbie El-Amin, Orientation Leader

Hey! My name is Debbie El-Amin. I am a sophomore, Pre-Business major, and I will soon be an owner of a hair salon. I also stay on campus in First Street Resident Hall. I’m from Saginaw, MI and I came to the University of Michigan-Flint because it is close to home and having the feel of a smaller city. I graduated from Saginaw High School with a small class of about 160 people, so I did not want to go to big university campus. I chose UM-Flint because the class sizes are the best: not too big, but not too small. Transitioning from high school to college was a big step for me, and I’m sure it is a big step for you as well. It can be hard at times, but nothing you truly want comes easily. There are so many organizations that you can join and be a part of on campus.  I chose to be an orientation leader to help and to motivate new students. I cannot wait to meet you, and help you on your new journey. GO BLUE!

Scott Huang, Orientation Leader

Guess what? You just took the next step in this crazy little thing called Life. Congratulations on making it into the University of Michigan- Flint! I’m not going to lie; college is definitely different from high school. It can be a really hard and weird transition, but you have people like me and other Orientation Leaders to help you along the way.

So without further ado, welcome to college! My name is Scott Huang, I am entering into my third year here and I’m majoring in Biochemistry with a pre-medical concentration and a Computer Science minor. I am from Ferndale, a small town about an hour south-east of here. In high school, I kept to myself and I thought I would continue to keep to myself in college, but that quickly changed. As soon as I stepped foot onto campus I was instantly drawn into the organizations on campus. I joined Greek Life and within my first semester I completely broke out of my shell and became the head of communications for my fraternity. So if I can give you any advice it would be to accept the change, it’s okay to be a little nervous, and most importantly get involved on campus! Obviously you are here for grades and your future, but join organizations; it’s what ultimately makes your college experience memorable. If you ever need advice or anyone to talk to, I’m usually hanging out in the Student Loft on the third floor of the UCEN. Oh, and one last piece of advice; have no regrets! College is meant to be as equally fun as it is challenging. I can’t wait to meet all of you guys. I know that you’re going to have the best of time here!


Kaneesha Jones, Orientation Leader

Can you believe it? The time is finally here for orientation! This is the time to grow, to learn, and to become. University of Michigan-Flint is a magnificent campus and believe me, you have made a great decision. My name is Kaneesha Jones and I am a sophomore Pre-Business major. I was born and raised in Flint, MI. Yes, I have been here all my life, and you may ask why have I continued to stay? Well, I am comfortable and the university has made me feel like this is where I belong. My goal is to help each and every one of you feel a sense of belonging also. Just remember there are so many opportunities here, so take advantage and make everlasting connections. This by far will be a different journey, but I wish all of you nothing but the best.

Alhana Khobeir, Orientation Leader

In one year, there are 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, 31536000 seconds to make a difference. What you bring to the table in the next four years will shape YOU to be the future of tomorrow. Here at UM-Flint, we can help you be the difference.

Hello all you groovy cats! My name is Alhana, and I am a quirky senior in the Honors Program finishing up a double degree in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology and Psychology. When I am not in the library wasting my life away, you can usually find me in the University Pavilion working in the Undergraduate Admissions office and in the Student Success Center, working on making student experiences the best that they can be! If I do get a spare moment to myself, I’m usually catching up on work with the different organizations I am involved with, like Student Government, the Molecular Biology club, or Colleges Against Cancer. One piece of advice for all of you is to not be afraid of taking risks. Jump into different opportunities presented to you to get the best experience you can in your time here. Remember, you get out what you put in. Every moment is a chance for you to take a leap of faith by making the best that you can in your college years. Good luck comrades, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Allison King, Orientation Leader

Hooray! Hooray! You have just made one of the best decisions in your life by gaining your acceptance into the University of Michigan-Flint. My name is Allison King, and I am currently a sophomore here at the university. I am a Pre-Nursing major, and my goal, after I attain my bachelor’s degree, is to complete a master’s degree program in anesthesia. I am a proud native and supporter of the Flint community. I have volunteered at many places/events such as food drives, Hurley Medical Center, the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, the Flint Public Library, and my church. I am an orientation leader because not only do I want to broadcast the many positive aspects this community brings, but I want to establish friendly relationships with every new person I meet and motivate them to reach their highest potential and accomplish their set goals. While doing so, I want to continue to develop myself as a person, improve my communication skills, initiate comfort, and provide a sense of belonging for the new students that enter this university. I will commit to always being supportive and uplifting to our students because I am a fun, outgoing person that can’t wait to meet you all.

Jaylen McKinney, Orientation Leader

Welcome to the first year of the greatest experience of your LIFE! Hello, my name Jaylen McKinney and I am a senior here at the University of Michigan-Flint. I am from the Eastside of Detroit. I am also a Business Management major with a concentration in entrepreneurship.

I am very excited to be your Orientation Leader because I am very interested in making campus not only an educational experience, but also a fun one! I became an Orientation Leader to help everyone get adjusted to school and to also give you someone to help you out while you are here. As a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated, I have implemented many events to give students a chance to have the most fun that they could possibly have!

I would like to welcome you to the University of Michigan-Flint one more time, and if you need anything don’t hesitate to reach out!


Sonu Mori, Orientation Leader

Hey Guys! Are you ready to hop on the roller coaster of college? Trust me, it is going to be exciting and thrilling. My name is Sonu, and I am going to make sure you have a memorable college experience. I am a junior at the university, studying Business with an Economics minor. I am so glad that my faculty and staff are extremely helpful and encouraging towards my success. I am an international student from India, and I am in love with the fun-loving people here. As an orientation leader, I want to meet new students like me and support them while they figure out that they belong here. Also, I want all new students to know that I’m here, and that I am somebody they can to talk to and rely on to soften their day. I want to be an active part of their transition and hope to see them grow stronger every year as they become the best version of themselves. I look forward to giving all my support to students in identifying their interests, hobbies, and goals. Thank you, and meet you all at the end of the ride.

Jaslyn Morris, Student Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Jaslyn. I’m a senior in the honors program studying Biology. I’m here to help make the transition to university life easier for you. Like some of you, I thought high school was easy; I never really had the interest or the need to study. As a college student, I’ve had to take a step back and assess which areas I would need to work harder on and act accordingly. My advice is to open your mind to new possibilities. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and speak up when you need to be heard.  Your voice matters, and don’t let anyone else tell you differently.  This is a time to better your education, find yourself, and make new connections that can last for a lifetime. Take advantage of your experience here at the University of Michigan-Flint, and good things are bound to happen.

Maddy Rasberry, Orientation Leader

Hi! I’m Maddy Rasberry!  I’m a sophomore here at UM-Flint, Pre-Nursing major. I lived in Flint for a couple years before moving to Davison, which is a couple minutes away from the school. Because I enjoyed high school, I was not to thrilled to attend my orientation or college. However, after meeting new friends, touring campus, exploring clubs and organizations, and realizing how amazing UM-Flint is, I realized that this university is the right place for me. Now I love college and how it makes me grow as an individual through academic challenges and social events and clubs. I hope to make other new students feel welcomed, excited, and motivated to venture into a new chapter of their life in such a great community. I know that college can be a scary and nerve-wrecking time, but as long as you try new things and put in all your effort, college will be one of the best times of your life. Good luck and I hope to see you soon! 

Emanee Walker, Orientation Leader

Welcome! May all who come as guests leave as friends! My name is Emanee Walker, and my major is Psychology. I plan on pursuing a career – as a Marriage Counselor. I’m a junior here at the university, and I was born and raised here, in Flint, MI. I became an Orientation Leader because I want to introduce individuals to a friendly environment where students can enjoy their time and where everyone is welcome. Also, I want to open minds for any students who want to experience new opportunities that’ll make their day brighter. I’ll support students by giving students advice on how to be independent, letting students have their own identity, and challenging students aspire to be anyone who they want to be. UM-Flint is a friendly campus where anyone can be themselves and meet new people that can broaden their horizons. Don’t be alarmed or afraid of entering a world where you will meet new people and have the best experiences.

Marcus Williams, Orientation Leader

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Marcus. I am a third year student at the University of Michigan-Flint, studying Computer Information Systems with a minor in Theatre. I am very excited to be an orientation leader at this university because I am truly grateful to be here and meet incoming students like you. Coming to this university, I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to be and what I wanted to do in life. I met my orientation leaders and they encouraged me to be myself and now I am more comfortable with my future. I am very involved on campus through participating in many organizations like my fraternity and Student Government, so if you have any questions and you see me, feel free to ask me anything.

Quin Williams, Orientation Leader

Hey, What’s Up! Hello. Welcome to the University of Michigan-Flint! My name is Quin; I am a senior studying Social Work. College is a place for growth, not only in education but also for yourself. However, developing those skills you will need to be successful, requires hard work and dedication. My journey here at the university has been a rewarding experience. I started off very shy until I discovered all of the great opportunities this campus has to offer.  My advice is to have an open mind for new possibilities. Don’t be afraid of being YOURSELF! Do what YOU can, with what YOU have, where YOU are. If YOU don’t go after what YOU want, YOU’LL never have it. If YOU don’t ask questions, the answers will always be no. If YOU don’t step forward, YOU will always be in the same place. So remember, this is YOUR time to learn, have fun, and make the best of YOUR college experience.

Welcome to the family, and always remember GO BLUE!