2018-2019 Student Government Elections

Candidate Statements


President and Vice President 

Muhammad Ammar (P) and Kevin Fons (VP)


Muhammad Ammar – President Candidate

Hi, my name is Muhammad Ammar and I am junior in the University of Michigan-Flint. I am majoring in Finance and Economics. I am an international student from Dubai.  I am a member of Entrepreneur Society. I work for the Economic outreach department on campus. I believe in constant development. Sports and books interest me the most. I am running for the betterment of campus by creating an atmosphere and belonging on campus as well as change the culture where students are motivated to think bigger. I believe every solution to our problem in within the boundaries of this campus and within our budget with better decision making and efficient spending. I believe I am the best candidate because of my ability to understand and solve student issues. Background of business and economics with international exposure, I am confident on making a change which is required on this campus.


Kevin Fons – Vice President Candidate

My name is Kevin Fons. I am currently a junior at UM-Flint and majoring in Marketing with a minor in Economics. Being raised in Genesee County and working in Detroit, I have developed a strong connection with Southeast Michigan, especially after the recession hit in 2007.  Until recently, I have not been active at the university.  As a student commuting to campus, I want to help strengthen student engagement and accessibility, while helping organizations within the university build stronger connections between themselves and the community.  My hobbies include just about everything from board games to snowboarding.  I believe that every season brings new opportunities to enjoy. I believe I am the best candidate because of my ability to hear and understand the different needs of students and the community as a whole.

Eucharia Ganda (P) and Lucine Jarrah (VP)


Eucharia Ganda – President Candidate

My name is Eucharia or UK.  I’m a senior majoring in Computer Information Systems. Born to a Nigerian family, I was raised in a hard-working and welcoming environment in Italy. I chose to move to the United States to further my education because I personally think the college system is different and better than the European one.

When I came to visit the UM-Flint campus in 2015, I was quite impressed by the student ambassadors who showcased the university. The student showed me passionately how being a UM-flint student had transformed her from a shy and scared student away from home to a high achiever and a researcher in her field. Furthermore, she explained the different opportunities that the university presented to her and led her to a rewarding career in the science field.  That passion got stuck in me, led me to inquire more about what UM-Flint could offer me and what it is still giving me (a lot of opportunities).

I am very much involved in the University life. In fact, I am the Vice Chair of Senate, President of African Students Association, Resident Advisor in Riverfront, and Black Student Union, member. Yes, other than going to classes, I like to have a busy schedule! The reason why I am this involved is because I like to be around people, I like to be informed in what’s happening in the university, and most importantly I want to leave a positive impact at UM-Flint. I feel I belong here and I want others to feel the same too. We all deserve to know about the various opportunities that the university can offer us, and how important students are. What’s a university without students? Nothing!

Student Government is a group of students who advocate, represent, challenge and question the university system. Being part of this organization is an honor to me and knowing that I can make a difference, no matter how small or big, it is significant. I am running for Student Government President because I want to build an engaging, diverse, inclusive community that is prideful of being part University of Michigan-Flint. I have been part of Student Government since February 2017 and I have learned how this organization functions and what more it could do for the entire student body.

This past year I have covered different roles which helped me in my development in a team, as leader, and as an advocate. As I keep telling myself there is a learning opportunity everywhere including the Student Government President.  I am the best candidate because of the skills I have acquired so far which are the following: ability to speak in public, knowledgeable of my weakness and strengths, self-motivated, and assertive. If I get elected I’d like to create new traditions, give an equal opportunity to in state and out of state students, as well as create connections with the other satellite campuses, and the Flint community. www.linkedin.com/in/euchariaganda


Lucine Jarrah – Vice President Candidate

 Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.  Franklin Roosevelt

My name is Lucine Jarrah and I am currently in my junior year at the university where I am majoring in political science. My involvement with the University of Michigan Flint began in 2015. Upon starting my first year at the university, I started a new club on campus called Cinemas Finest. The major focus of the club has been to provide to the public with a better understanding of film style and the filmmaking process. We encourage students to develop a newfound appreciation for film as an art form and see it as one of the greatest forms of human expression.

As of 2018 I am still president of the club and I work tirelessly every week to make it the most successful it will be. As president I had the opportunity to coordinate events with a few different groups and I am working towards building more connections among different organizations in order to better to promote campus engagement. There is a lot of work that goes into coordinating events with different student organizations, but I have found them to be both challenging and rewarding. Coming up with new ways to connect students with campus organizations, is part of our job as leaders of all these different groups. I do believe there has been a strong disconnect between the students and their university and I believe that with the hard work we can make a difference and work towards increasing involvement.   I am very grateful for the platform the university has provided me with in order to share this club with everyone and I know the skills I have gained by being a leader of a student organization has motivated and qualified me to pursue other leadership roles.

These last few years at the university have offered me with great opportunities, provided in part by past strong student government leaders, but it is to my belief that we can always do better. As I run for vice president I am prepared to yet again take on a new challenge and I am prepared to work rigorously for my Flint community in order to provide them with a better college experience. As a potential student government leader, I want to challenge the system set before you, create new traditions, and redefine the UM-Flint campus life. We as a community are stronger together and with our ideas we can build a better future for ourselves.


Marquetta Hall (P) and Sariba Shoukat (VP)


Marquetta Hall – President Candidate

My name is Marquetta Hall, and I am running for President of Student Government for the 2018-19 academic year. I was born and raised in Flint, and I chose UM-Flint because I love my city and community. As of now I am a junior studying Integrated Science-TCP. Since my freshman year, I have always been a part of Student Government. I started off as a Senator for 2 years and this year I’m finishing my Vice Presidency in the Salman-Hall Administration. I am running again this year because advocating for students is really my passion and I want to continue to do so as President. I believe I am the best candidate for this position because in the 3 years I have been on Student Government, I have learned so much about leadership, accountability, networking, and professionalism. If elected, I will bring all my years of experience to lead Student Government to become better advocates for the student body. I want to focus on becoming a stronger voice in all of the administrative university committee meetings, making sure the students voices are heard in all decision making that affects us. Also, I would  like to advocate to provide better amenities to the students to help increase student engagement. My main focus is to align Student Government’s platforms with the university’s strategic plan. I believe that the initiatives of Student Government should coincide with the 5 High-Level Priorities. Which are the following:

  • A Distinctive Identity that Builds Campus Pride
  • Excellent Education and Scholarship Across the Institution
  • A Student-Centered Culture Focused on Retention and Success
  • Recruitment through High-Quality Programs and Campus Life
  • A Vital Partnership with an Engaged Community


In each of these priorities Student Government has a place, and collaborating on these issues with faculty and administration will not only tackle the big matters students face, but also show unity within our campus because we are all working on the same goals. Overall, I am the best candidate for this position, because I bring the most experience and plan on bringing a better structure for Student Government overall. Let the Hall-Shoukat Student Administration be the voice for you, fighting for all of us.


Sariba Shoukat – Vice President Candidate

My name is Sariba Shoukat, and I’m running for Vice President with Marquetta Hall for the 2018-2019 administration. Though I’m originally from Lahore, Pakistan, I was raised in Houston, Texas and moved to Michigan in 2013. With the hopes of completing my education through Genesee Early College high school & UM-Flint, I am currently on track to become a Molecular Biology major, and slowly, but surely, hope to make my way to medical school. For the past 5 years, I have served in Student Government for both my high school and UM-Flint. Student government has taught me a lot about myself as a leader, about Flint, and the great opportunities in this community. During my two years as a senator at UM-Flint, I have worked on multiple platforms such as sexual assault prevention and awareness, parking, furnishing facilities, and better access to financial aid information. Working with faculty from different departments on campus, hearing students, and resolving issues for a better campus is my passion. Being able to multitask, initiate conversation on important topics, and communicate with the student body are just some of the things Student Government requires. If elected, I plan to create a unique identity for all students through campus pride, work on our food situation with faculty, and also invest in better furniture for the UCEN. I would also like to reach out more individually to students, as well as increase the communication between students, faculty and student government members. It’s important for students to feel comfortable in bringing concerns and questions to this organization. I believe in quality education, and the nurturing of a healthy campus environment for students. Though I may only be eighteen, my campus experience speaks out as I have been on this campus these past five years, and hope to graduate in 2020. This being said, I can confidently say I understand how students feel about their campus experience, the quality of their education, and the many aspirations of the students who come here to succeed. I highly encourage all students to raise their voices, speak out on issues, and let the Hall-Shoukat administration be the voice for you, fighting for us.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/A-Voice-for-You-Fighting-for-Us-1916152002031562/


Yousra Mohamed (P) and Izza Ahmed-Ghani (VP)


Yousra Mohamed – President Candidate

My name is Yousra Mohamed and I am running for President with Izza Ahmed-Ghani as Vice President. I will be a junior as of the Fall of 2018. My major is human biology with a psychology minor, and a pre-physician assistant concentration. I was born in Sudan, Africa but was raised in Grand Blanc, Michigan. I’m very involved, and currently, hold 6 positions on campus. In my free time, I like to read, watch Netflix, or spend time with friends and family.


I’ve been in Student Government for a year, and I’ve learned so much about our university and the students in it. Representing students, standing and advocating for the student body, improving student engagement, and bringing about more sexual assault awareness are my primary goals. As a commuter, I can relate to commuter issues and the way they feel, and I aim to bring about change on the campus’s environment to make it more engaging, so students do not rush home right after classes. I would like to make sure Student Government pays more attention to the needs of international students, and people involved in Greek Life. I feel as though my leadership skills would be a great asset to Student Government. I have been involved in organizations and committees since my freshman year of high school, and have always enjoyed the change that is brought about in such positions, even if small. I would also like to focus on social policy to improve relations on campus. I have loved Student Government since joining it and I am excited to continue my journey in it. I’m always available if anyone would like to voice their concerns or thoughts to me, so feel free to stop by the SG office at any time! I’m looking forward to a great year in Student Government.


Izza Ahmed-Ghani – Vice President Candidate

My name is Izza Ahmed-Ghani and I’m running for Vice President with Yousra Mohamed. I’m a pre-dental student here at the University of Michigan-Flint. I was born in Sacramento, California and moved to Michigan in 2008 from New York. I’m very passionate about my aspirations to pursue dentistry. I find that it is an underrated field with great opportunity to serve the community, and at the same time humbling to bring back the confidence into individuals by correcting their teeth. I love animals and currently have a cat named Papi and a dog named Oscar. When I’m not focusing on my studies, I am reading, catching up on sleep, or watching The Resident.

Though I have only served one term in student government as a senator, I have worked in leadership positions since I was 14. I have worked with inspiring professionals Like Khizar Khan from the DNC, Ibtihaj Mohammad (the Olympic fencer), and more. The past five years I have served as a regional secretary to a national organization catering to over 1000+ youth of different ages and backgrounds. I have even chaired a youth convention and currently serve as an advisor to a blog that is viewed worldwide by people from countries like Indonesia and more! I am very outgoing and passionate about the initiatives in which I am involved.

Creative problem solving is something I have competed in and even won. Similarly, this is helpful when dealing with tough situations and time crunching deadlines.  I am very responsible and organized, which is very important in a Vice President position. I am tenacious and ambitious. I believe that the only way positive work can create a strong impact is with teamwork, grit, and patience. As a senator, I have worked on initiating events in collaboration with other organizations and individuals. The most important platforms we as Student Government, the champion voices of the students, should focus on are student engagement and sexual assault awareness. Though this may not seem different from the platforms of the past year, the focus is now to social policy change. This is extremely fundamental as it is this that will truly change how we function as a school.

Being at UM-Flint, I find that we shouldn’t just be a commuter campus where students come and go, but an educational institution that promotes change and student empowerment. Come talk to me, get to know me, and let me hear your opinions. I’m very excited to get to know more people and help to the best of my abilities. Vote Mohamed Ahmed-Ghani. Vote to hear your voice and for people who you can depend on.

Udit Shelat (P) and Chris Steffes (VP)


Udit Shelat – President Candidate

I, Udit Shelat, am a student at the University of Michigan – Flint.  I currently hold positions as Senator in Student Government and Secretary of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. In addition to my routine as a student, I have a fierce passion in improving the conditions and facilities for our student body. I look forward to fulfilling and engaging more student involvement. I enjoy listening & understanding the dilemma’s which befall the student body, with the utmost passion and consideration of these problems at hand.  By using my experiences,  I can bring effective and meaningful change. My promise is to the students first that they have a voice and this is their campus.

As an elected Student Government official I ensure to spread the message that students have a voice in the decisions we take and assurance to act upon them. One of my goals is to keep the members of Student Government on task and focused. We can better serve the student population by listening to how we can increase involvement on campus, like increasing the number of cultural events, which enrich college life.

          I believe I am a social being who likes to mingle with all students. In addition to other skills, my confidence in my ability to meet challenges & goals are the reason why I feel suitable for this position. My positive attitude and go-getting spirit is my best attribute, only add to the position. Given the opportunity, I can work to get the best possible changes that every student desires to enhance their extracurricular activities on and off campus. I have maintained a great relationship with all my professors and always accomplish the tasks at hand.

          “A student government is run by the students for the students” is the basic principle on which I plan to build the new government. Once elected, I plan to bring change to the number of events conducted on campus. As the current Senator, I see a lot of room for improvement in the way the current government has operated. I plan to create a dedicated page and review system where all students can voice their opinions, and comment on various issues. This will help improve the way the Government should operate and handle future improvements. I find many necessary changes are needed to revise the current system. I have hosted an event co-sponsored by the student government named “Smarter than UM-Flint Tutor” for freshman and sophomore students, to take advantage of tutoring and Supplemental Instruction provided by the Student Success Center. I also shared with the students my experiences and difficulties as an international student and how I overcame them.

          Let me conclude by saying that I believe, as your next President of Student Government, that I can implement the appropriate changes needed to improve our Student Government. On March 27/28 vote for me, Udit Shelat.


Chris Steffes – Vice President Candidate

When I first came to the University of Michigan-Flint, I saw a tight-knit community of people that gel like no other campus. It has given me a choice of how I wanted to shape my future, giving me a variety of options in choosing how I want to spend the rest of my life. I am proud to be a part of this amazing university! Now I'm running for Student Government Vice President, where I hope to give back to the university that has given me so much. I believe that I am the most qualified for this job because I am deeply invested in the success of the students at UM-Flint. There is nothing more rewarding than to help others succeed! I am also highly qualified because I've held several leadership positions, such as class Treasurer in my high school for three consecutive years. I was also honored to hold the position of Treasurer of our National Honor Society chapter. I volunteered for the Red Cross where I organized numerous blood drives at my school. I love to volunteer and have done so as a referee for AYSO, which I had to learn since I never played soccer. I love to sell and raise money for good causes. For example, I was the highest fundraiser for Coats for Kids, so much so that one of the board members came down to see me in action. I even persuaded him to write a $100.00 check from his personal account.
I am also very dedicated; I graduated high school with a 4.1 GPA with a challenging class schedule that included five AP (Advanced Placement) classes. While taking AP Biology and AP Calculus, I realized I wanted to go into Biochemistry and one day become a neurosurgeon. I have over ten years of volunteer work with a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization called The Last Hope Animal Preserve, where I coordinated events and fundraisers to benefit and facilitate the rescue of exotic animals across the United States and help rescue over 1000 of them.
If I am elected, I plan to bring more coordination between student activities and involvement within the school's programs. Udit, my running mate, and I both believe that the university can be involved in more student outreach programs, where the students are engaged in their communities and build lasting connections between their peers, professors, and community members. That means bringing into focus the way students' interactions are used to help the students on both an individual basis, as well as part of the larger picture. By bringing more student involvement and interaction to the campus, we will make UM-Flint more reputable, attracting more people to come to such an amazing campus. I hope to one day make this campus far more prestigious and more recognizable than Ann Arbor. I hope you will give me that opportunity.


Marcus Williams (P) and Anushika Srivastava (VP)


Marcus Williams – President Candidate

My Name is Marcus Williams. I am a Junior at the University of Michigan-Flint. My Major is Computer Information Systems with minors in Theatre and Computer Science. Throughout my time at this University I have gotten the chance to be apart of so many amazing things and organizations and simply getting to learn more about the world and the people living in it. During my time at the University, I’ve gotten to hold several executive positions as well as serving as a senator for Student Government 2016-2017. I’ve gotten the chance of being a part of amazing organizations like African Student Association, Block Club, Campus Activities Board, Hall Council, but my biggest accomplishments to me was getting to not only serve as president of my fraternity Alpha Sigma Phi (Come Thru Promo) but serving as the President of the Interfraternity Council. The reason I want to run for student government president is very simple, I want to be able to be the voice for the students, there is a lot of things that need improvement at the university and not enough people willing to do the work to improve it and well I am that person willing to put my free time in this position to improve the campus to not only benefit my college experience but most importantly every students. What makes me best for this position is the passion and experience that I bring, from going to conferences all throughout this country I’ve gotten the chance to gain amazing knowledge and ideals from other universities that I would love to utilize here. If elected I plan on pushing some of the things a lot of students want to see; an improved look to the University Center, finances for organizations from student government, longer Building Hours, Safety Issues, food options, and many other things people want to see happen.


Anushika Srivastava – Vice President Candidate

They say, “Be the change you want to see!” So let’s bring that change together! And I, Anushika Srivastava, wish to enable that for us.

Hello folks! I am an international student from India, a junior with Biology/Pre-Med major and someone who desires to eventually become a surgeon to serve this society. I am currently an International Student Ambassador of the University and also a Senator in the Student Government. I am an active member of Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity and have also been a blood donor ambassador at American Red Cross-Los Angeles Region.

I am passionate about engaging myself in the domain of lifting inter-cultural and multidisciplinary education experiences and want to ensure all of this by becoming the Vice President of the Student Government. As a member of the executive board, I wish to be a constant bridge between the students and the Student Government so that their concerns and thoughts are addressed without any delay.

My experience as the President of the Indian Student Association, along with my three years of professional, cultural and literary experiences, strongly makes me feel as a molded candidate complementing this position. Being an international student myself, I am vigilant to the needs of new students, the key points that help them feel acclimated both academically and culturally and that bolsters my effectiveness as a Vice President.

I strongly feel that my current leadership positions have helped me to gain a sense of what it takes to be a leader on this campus and in society.  If elected, I plan to exemplify these leadership qualities to work as best as I can.  This includes attending various meetings throughout campus and relaying the information shared at these meetings to the rest of the student board and student body.  I also plan to use these qualities to create new ideas through which the student government and student body could come together to benefit the campus as a whole and help make our time here more enjoyable. 

Concerns about security is something that is constantly brought up to Student Government. Parking and security of the campus has always been a critical issue and I do realize that it isn’t something that can be resolved overnight.  But this is an issue of great concern and I intend to work to get it resolved. I strongly believe that we are making headway in resolving some of these concerns, but I believe that there is still more to accomplish; and I intend to see that it will be. Hence, one of my goals is to continue to increase the involvement the student body has with student government.

An easy upcoming year will allow me to put more effort into the position and have more time to work harder at the different tasks that will arise if I get elected as the Vice President.

If elected, I plan to do whatever it takes to do a thorough job as your Vice President!


Senator Candidates

Senator Candidates

Caleb Carter - Senator Candidate

I believe I would make a good senator for student government as my three semesters of experience in student government has given me an in-depth of its operations and abilities. I am driven to be re-elected to student government out of a desire to advance the cause of student issues here on campus. If re-elected I will do my best to make sure every student here will fully enjoy and treasure their time on our great campus.

Daviana Greer – Senator Candidate

Hello, my name is Daviana Greer and I am sophomore currently studying Communications with a concentration in Media Studies, as well as a minor in Law and Society. I am currently the Black Student Union Historian, and I’m also in developing starting a small podcast with two other colleagues that will hopefully branch out from our University of Michigan-Flint website to all the University of Michigan campuses.

Despite being from Detroit, MI which is known as a dangerous, but developing and inspiring city, I consider myself a bright student who decided to reach out and better myself while simultaneously trying to better and set an example of the lives of my peers. Why do I want to run for this position? Well, considering I want to work at a law firm as an investigative journalist and eventually set out to become a lawyer in the future, I think this position will fit me well. I could have a background and knowledge of listening and fighting for voices that aren’t heard, while also reporting how students would want the campus to be a better place. I am a student who sometimes feels like my voice isn’t being heard enough, therefore, by me listening and networking with others, our voices can become more powerful and change the community around us. I am a firm believer in change and I personally feel that when you change yourself other people will follow. I think I am the best candidate for this position because I have great conversational and leadership skills. I also consider myself to be very creative, down to earth, and empathic when it comes down to the needs of others as well as the needs of myself to promote myself in a good image. If elected by the student body I can provide as much support, help, and stability to students and the staff.  For example, small things make a big impact, so it’s important to listen to all sides of a story of an issue whether the issue is a complaint, suggestion, or a compliment. Regarding help and stability, I would like to pay more attention to the students who consider themselves to be introverted or somewhat artistic. I think creative minds bring extraordinary ideas.  Lastly, I want to create chances for students to get more involved and challenge them to start things so that the University of Michigan-Flint is a campus worth coming to and about which we can be proud of attending.

En’Dea Haygood – Senator Candidate

En’Dea Haygood – Senator Candidate

Huda Sheikh-Khalil – Senator Candidate

Hello! My name is Huda Sheikh-Khalil and I am Palestinian- American Muslim. Currently, I am a sophomore at the University and am planning on majoring in Molecular Biology with a minor in Chemistry and a pre-medicine concentration. I want to run for a Student Government position because I served on the senate for the Salman and Hall administration for the year 2017-2018, and I really enjoyed being a voice for the students. My time with student government has been a rewarding experience. Sitting on committees with faculty and raising awareness by creating events has made me feel like there has been a positive change in the University. The reason I feel like I am the best candidate for this position is because I have been a member of senate for two semesters now and I have all the ropes down for being a successful senator. I also serve an executive board position as education chair on the Muslim Student Association on campus, from what I have built connections with other organizations and have learned time management and organization skills necessary to hold a position on student government. I strive to be an active member of the community and the student body during my undergraduate years. I also am an active volunteer in the emergency unit of Genesys Hospital, so I know I can handle anything thrown at me. If I am elected, I hope to take more student feedback on issues on campus and figure out a way to solve them. This is because I believe that taking student feedback into consideration is important in helping improve student experiences at UM-Flint. I would also like to raise more awareness for social issues such as sexual assault and promote diversity on campus so everyone can feel safe attending the school. Lastly, through Senate I know I will be able to help support students through organizations and clubs on campus and that is my main goal to accomplish.

Yongwei Wu – Senator Candidate

My name is Yongwei Wu. I am a sophomore at the University of Michigan Flint, majoring in Engineering with a minor in Business. I was born in a city in China name Guangzhou. I speak Cantonese.  I also hold 3 positions on campus; I am the President of Asian Student Organization, Student Ambassadors and of course a senator on Student Government. My hobbies include listening to music, traveling and try new things. I am delighted to listen to your thoughts and concerns and gladly to help if can. Please feel free to visit me in SG office on 3rd floor of UCEN.

Ali Zein – Senator Candidate

Ali Zein – Senator Candidate

Radhika Agarwal-Senator Candidate

Born in India, I was raised in Nepal until I went to a boarding school where I discovered my leadership skills, responsibility, and grew a voice that sought to bring change. I am currently pursuing a major in Economics as a senior at the University of Michigan-Flint while being an International Student Ambassador and a Research Assistant for University Outreach. While at the International Center, I have been exposed to countless faces who express their faith in me to voice their concerns, which I have effectively addressed. My successful attempt at doing so for two years has made me capable and experienced to both address and resolve student issues. I believe I am a good fit to represent the student body. Therefore, I am expressing an interest in becoming a part of student government and facilitating the needs of students as my next goal. Bearing in mind, my qualifications and my desire to further sharpen my skills, I consider myself an eligible candidate to fulfill the purpose of enhancing the campus community as a Senator on the Student Government of 2018-2019. I look forward to holding this position and making the change students want to see on campus.