Student Leadership Transcript (SLT)

The Student Leadership Transcript is a record of your leadership involvement while you are a student at the University of Michigan-Flint. The benefits of maintaining a leadership transcript include: developing a comprehensive record of your co-curricular involvement; supplementing your resume in providing future employers and four-year/graduate schools with a record of your co-curricular involvement and leadership achievements; and demonstrating a variety of skills and experiences that are highly sought after by employers.

Your leadership transcript may include the following:

  • Leadership roles in any student organization, activity, or program (e.g., Vice President of Campus Activities Board).
  • Leadership position or participation in Club Sports and/or Intramural Sports.
  • Service to the UM-Flint campus community; for example, serving as a student representative on a University Committee, a New Student Orientation Leader, a Resident Assistant, etc.
  • Membership in any club, organizations, and/or program that requires sustained involvement (e.g., Student Government member, Campus Activities Board member.)

How do I begin?

GET INVOLVED in co-curricular/leadership activities on campus and make the most of your UM-Flint experience.

WRITE IT DOWN. Document your involvement by completing the electronic form here

SLT Update Form

It’s best if you submit one form per year or one per semester, depending on your level of involvement. That way, you are sure to remember all your co-curricular activities.

Requesting a Copy

You may access a copy of your transcript through SIS (Student Information System) by following the tabs: student services >student records>student leadership.


For more information, please contact us in the Department of Student Involvement and Leadership located in 361 UCEN. (810)762-3431.