Residential Learning Communities (RLC)

Be a part of the first learning community on campus!

Great News! You have the exciting opportunity to enroll in a Residential Learning Community for the Fall term! Residential Learning Communities (RLC) are a group of students sharing a common interest who are paired to live together in the same building/floor. This gives students the opportunity to engage deeply with a common theme, connect learning across courses and disciplines, develop relationships with peers/administrators, and ease the transition to college. RLCs are an optional, highly beneficial experience; research shows that students who enroll in them earn higher GPAs and maintained higher retention rates compared to non-RLC students.

We are starting our Leadership Learning Community this fall. Click the more link below to apply today! 

Student Leadership Retreat (SLR)

The Student Leadership Retreat is part of the leadership development program for student leaders and is mirrored after the Social Change Model of Leadership Development (SCM). This retreat focuses on the elements related to the group values of SCM; specifically, the concepts associated with a common purpose, collaboration and controversy with civility. In support of these ideas, students develop relationships with one another as they work toward addressing campus issues. Student leaders are introduced to various campus administrators and network within this group to actualize the elements of leadership.


Create your blueprints to success by attending the annual student organization training session which is held on the second Friday of September at the being of the fall term. This gives students organizations a way to complete the final steps of registering their organizations by taking part in Financial, Authorized Signers and Engage Training while also obtaining updates on policy changes from over the summer. 

Student Organization Summit (SOS)

Get your blueprint to success by attending the SOS.  This amazing educational summit is held annually on the second Friday of January at the being of the winter term. This gives student club/organizations the opportunity to attend various sessions on topics such as Defining Roles and Leadership Positions; Creating and Executing your Election Process; Maximizing Student Organization Resources; and Building Leadership in your membership. 

Inclusive Leadership Certificate (ILC)

Do you want to learn how to create more inclusive spaces? Do you want to learn more about yourself and how to create change in the community? 

Join SIL and the Intercultural Center (ICC) as they offer a seven-week leadership development program based in the Social Change Model that helps students build the fundamental skills needed to be an inclusive leader, and explore the attitudes, knowledge, and skills for inclusive leadership in an increasingly diverse world. Employers today are seeking candidates who embrace inclusive leadership skills and who can successfully lead in a diverse world.

Advisor Training

Every student club/organization is required to have a UM-Flint faculty or staff advisor. An advisor is more than just a signatory power, but an integral part of the organization itself. The advisor provides consistency from year-to-year for an organization as a source of institution knowledge, provider of reasonable and sound advisement, and as a responsible agent of the University for the club/organization activities. Every academic year SIL provides training to notify advisors of any changes in policies, help identify free resources available to students and complete Campus Security Authority (CSA) which is a federal requirement.

Student Leadership Assistant (SLA)

SLA's are UM-Flint students that work for the Department of Student Involvement and Leadership. They assist in the day to day operations of SIL and are placed in the main SIL office as the first point of contact for student organizations and clubs. 

Lunch & Learn

Fuel your body and educate your mind by attending a Lunch & Learn Leadership Series which allows students the opportunity to learn more about various special leadership topics.