Clarkston Area Schools

Clarkston Area Schools, Brandon High School and Holly High School are collaborating with UM-Flint to offer high school seniors expanded dual enrollment opportunities. The DEEP initiative allows motivated students to earn college credit by taking accredited courses taught by UM-Flint faculty on-site at Clarkston High School. 

Clarkston Liberal Arts (12 Credits)

COM 200, Intro to Human Communication, 3 credits - Social Sciences. Introduction to the discipline of Human Communication, touching on all skills and objectives of the Communication Program.  Students gain tools needed to become competent communicators and to critically evaluate the communication messages of others.

HIS 114, 20th Century World History, 3 credits - Social Sciences. Survey of cultural, social, intellectual, economic, and political developments in the twentieth-century world.  Special attention devoted to imperialism, war and violence, decolonization in the developing world, and the process and effects of globalization.

AFA 101, Intro to Africana Studies, 3 credits - Social Sciences, U.S. Diversity. Interdisciplinary examination of the Africana (African and African Diaspora) experience; trends, issues and forces that have shaped it. The dispersion of persons of African descent throughout the world, and the important roles they have played in the advancement of civilization. 

COM 210, Intro to Public Speaking, 3 credits - Humanities. Students prepare and deliver public speeches, developing skills of organization, research and delivery while engaging important public issues. Students develop appreciation for ethical methods to approach diverse audiences and become more comfortable speaking in public and better equipped to use speech as a tool to execute change.


School of Management Business Program (12 Credits)

BUS 110, Business Concepts & Careers, 3 credits. Comprehensive overview of basic business concepts and business protocol. Foundations of general business managements, human resources management, operations management, marketing, accounting, finance and their interdependent nature. Job search techniques, writing resumes, job interviewing, establishing interpersonal relationships. Introduction to UM-F services including the library, Academic Advising and Career Center, computer labs and services, Recreation Center and Student Services. 

BUS 115, Intro to Business Applications, 3 credits. Focus on development of skills in the use of business technology, including spreadsheets, database management and presentation software; financial computing; web-based business data sources and their ethical use.

BUS 250, Contemporary Legal Issues for Business, 3 credits. Legal environment of business and principles of law involved in contracts and agency.

EIM 340, Intro to Entrepreneurship, 3 credits. Broad overview of the entrepreneurial process with emphasis on starting a new business.  Entrepreneurial thinking and self evaluation of personal prospects for entrepreneurship; different paths to starting a business; risks and rewards of becoming an entrepreneur

Humanities Program (12 Credits)

ENG 111, College Rhetoric, 3 credits - English Composition. Introductory course in composition emphasizing written expression appropriate to successful college level work. Analytical readings; creative and critical thinking; development of a student's sense of integrity as a writer. 

PHL 101, Intro to Philosophy, 3 credits - Humanities. Examination of some of the main questions of philosophy, how they arise, and methods of answering them, based on the works of selected authors. Relationships between philosophical themes and other facets of cultural expression. Presentation of simpler problems in nontechnical language designed to introduce the student to philosophical inquiry.

ANT 100, Intro to Cultural Anthropology,  3 credits - Social Science.  Examination of the enormous cultural diversity within and between the world’s peoples, and the political importance of this diversity today. Subsistence methods, kinship patterns, power relations, linguistic variations, cultural conflicts, and forms of inequality around the world.  “Culture” as a historically dynamic process that is both creative and constantly undergoing transformation.​

ENG 112, Critical Writing & Reading, 3 credits - English Composition. Prerequisite:  Minimum grade of C in ENG 111. Intensive course in critical and analytical reading, writing and research strategies necessary for successful academic work. Techniques for essay exams; argumentative, analytical, and critical papers; undergraduate research.


Medical Science Program (13 Credits)

BIO 113, Principles of Biology, 4 credits – Natural Sciences with Lab. Introduction to the basic principles of biology relating to cell structure and function, cell reproduction, and mechanisms underlying patterns of inheritance, ecology and evolution, emphasizing guided discovery and critical thinking.

HCR 206, Health Sciences Applications, 2 credits. Introduction to a wide range of topics in health science with demonstrations of how basic scientific concepts can be applied to solving problems in the field. Hypothetical thought experiments stimulate students’ interest in pursuing health careers.

BIO 328, Genetics, 4 credits.  Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C- in BIO 113. Principles of inheritance from molecular through population levels. Gene action, cytoplasmic inheritance, parthenogenesis, mutation, and homeostasis.

PHL 202, Intro to Logic, 3 credits – Humanities. Study of reasoning with emphasis on features that distinguish good (or valid) reasoning from bad (or invalid) reasoning. Examination of ways of evaluating deductive reasoning with focus on techniques of formal, symbolic logic. May also include informal logic and fallacies. Beginning level class, no previous expertise required.


Application and Submission Deadline


Dual enrollment applications are available in each high school guidance office. You may also download a copy of the application. 

In order to receive full consideration, the application must be completed, signed (parent and student signature required), dated and submitted with updated high school transcripts to your high school guidance office.