Clarkston Area Schools

Clarkston Area Schools are collaborating with UM-Flint to offer high school seniors expanded dual enrollment opportunities. The DEEP initiative allows motivated students to earn college credit by taking accredited courses taught by UM-Flint faculty on-site at Clarkston High School. 

Medical Science Program (13 Credits)

HCR 206, Health Sciences Applications, 2 credits. Introduction to a wide range of topics in health science with demonstrations of how basic scientific concepts can be applied to solving problems in the field. Hypothetical thought experiments stimulate students’ interest in pursuing health careers.

BIO 113, Principles of Biology, 4 credits – Natural Sciences with Lab. Introduction to the basic principles of biology relating to cell structure and function, cell reproduction, and mechanisms underlying patterns of inheritance, ecology and evolution, emphasizing guided discovery and critical thinking.

PHL 202, Intro to Logic, 3 credits – Humanities. Study of reasoning with emphasis on features that distinguish good (or valid) reasoning from bad (or invalid) reasoning. Examination of ways of evaluating deductive reasoning with focus on techniques of formal, symbolic logic. May also include informal logic and fallacies. Beginning level class, no previous expertise required. Graded ABCDD-N.

BIO 328, Genetics, 4 credits.  Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C- in BIO 113. Principles of inheritance from molecular through population levels. Gene action, cytoplasmic inheritance, parthenogenesis, mutation, and homeostasis.