Once You Have Arrived

Things can easily seem overwhelming when university life begins, especially for international students. A new country, culture, traditions, and sometimes a new language are major transitions to navigate. Here are some reminders and tips to help things go smoothly once you arrive.

  1. Let your friends and family know that you arrived safely. A phone call, message, or text will put them at ease.
  2. Move into your housing and get your items unpacked and in order. This will help you relax. If you need temporary housing, find resources on campus here.
  3. Attend the International Student Orientation (required for all international students). This will be your first official check-in on campus. Bring all immigration documents with you.
  4. The University will enroll you in a health insurance plan. If you are enrolled in your own, you may request insurance to be waived. Learn more about insurance requirements here.
  5. Get registered for classes. We will help you during orientation.
  6. Attend the many university-sponsored events on campus! Get to know campus life, meet new friends, and explore!
  7. Keep original immigration documents in a safe and secure location. Instead, make copies and store them in a different place from your original documents. 
  8. Did we mention get out and have fun? Remember, once classes begin, you will be studying, so take advantage of some downtime.
  9. Go to local grocery stores and shopping centers for all the amenities you will need. Free rides during orientation.
  10. Stop in the International Center (IC). Whether you have a question or just want to visit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, the IC is a great place of support, resource, and friendship.