Enrollment Requirements

All F-1 international students must either be enrolled full-time or receive permission from the International Center for a reduced course load or a full-time exception.

The deadline for meeting the full-time registration requirement is the end of the UM-Flint Drop/Add period.

If you are not registered full-time by the deadline, your SEVIS record will be terminated and you will lose your F-1 status. There is no grace period to remain in the United States following status termination.

In general, the minimum full-time enrollment for international students is as follows:

  • Undergraduate students: 12 credit hours
  • Graduate students: 6-8 credit hours (depending on the graduate program enrolled)

Exceptions to Full-Time Enrollment Requirements

In some cases, international students may receive permission from the UM-Flint International Center to drop below full-time enrollment. 

  • Reduced course load
  • Full-time equivalency
  • Concurrent enrollment

Maintaining Status

As an F-1 student, you must meet certain obligations in order to maintain legal immigration status. Maintaining status is necessary in order to receive the benefits of F-1 status such as employment and program extension, and can be crucial to a successful application for a change or adjustment of visa status in the future. 

Failure to maintain your nonimmigrant status can result in serious problems with immigration and could lead to deportation from the United States. Due to the complexity of US immigration regulations, we recommend that you consult with an International Student Advisor at the UM-Flint International Center for details.