Preparing For Your UM-Flint Experience

The International Center is here to help you prepare for a successful transition to the United States and university life. This includes helping you understand and secure the necessary documentation you and your family members will need to enter the Unites States as an international student, and maintain your status once you’ve arrived. Here you’ll find useful information about documentation requirements for international students and visiting scholars, professors, and researchers. Please contact the International Center with any additional questions.

Entering the United States

Learn what documentation you will need to enter the United States as an international student. 

Attending UM-Flint

See what documentation you’ll need to attend UM-Flint as an international student

Family Members and Dependents

If you have family members and dependents who are planning to travel to the United States and live with you as you attend or visit UM-Flint, be sure to secure the required documentation for them as well. <links to Family Member and Dependents internal page>