Programs Types

As a student of the University of Michigan-Flint, you are encouraged to take advantage of the culturally rich and academically challenging opportunities offered through education abroad experiences. Provided below are the types of education abroad programs offered by University of Michigan-Flint. 

In general, INTERNAL PROGRAMS are hosted directly through UM-Flint. Students receive UM-Flint credit and pay any applicable fees directly to UM-Flint. With EXTERNAL PROGRAMS, students pay an outside entity any applicable fees. In addition, any credits sought through external programs are considered transfer credits. 


Internal Programs

UM-Flint Faculty-Led Programs

Each year, UM-Flint faculty  and staff lead study abroad programs to different regions around the world. Programs vary annually and encompass a variety of disciplines. 

  • Financial aid and scholarships apply
  • You receive direct UM-Flint credit for the program
  • Programs are typically 3 weeks or shorter
  • Programs generally take place during the spring or summer terms

Ideal for...

  • Students who want to travel with a UM-Flint group and UM-Flint faculty
  • Students who wish to have the experience of studying abroad and getting a taste of another culture but perhaps do not have the time, money, or resources to complete a traditional semester or year abroad

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UM-Flint Exchange Programs

Exchange programs allow current undergraduate and graduate students to study in a foreign country for a certain period of time while receiving credits toward their UM-Flint degree (in most cases). In return, UM-Flint accepts an equal number of students from these partner schools around the world. Students pay tuition at their home universities.

  • All financial aid and scholarships apply
  • You receive direct UM-Flint credit for the program
  • Programs are typically one semester (students may spend up to two semesters)

Ideal for...

  • Students who want a longer experience abroad but still want direct UM-Flint credit
  • Students from a specific discipline who want to take coursers for their major abroad.

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External Programs

3rd Party Provider Programs and Programs through Other US and Foreign Institutions

Programs through 3rd Party Providers and programs offered at other US and Foreign institutions offer a wide range of options and locations not offered through UM-Flint's internal programs. These include STUDY, VOLUNTEERRESEARCH, INTERNSHIP, TEACHING and more.

  • Some financial aid and scholarship may apply; Students should meet with a  financial aid advisor to determine eligibility
  • Students can receive transfer credit and must complete the credit transfer approval process prior to departure
  • Programs length will vary (short-term and long-term available)

Ideal for...

  • Students who want a longer experience in a part of world that is not offered through UM-Flint faculty-led and exchange programs
  • Students who are seeking volunteer opportunities, research and internships abroad

Affiliated Program Providers

There are many 3rd Party Program Providers in the field of education abroad that offer a wide variety of education abroad options. Several have signed agreements with UM-Flint and are considered affiliated program providers.

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