M Healthy

MHEALTHY is the University of Michigan's health and well-being program specially designed for faculty and staff. We provide programs and resources designed to help you be your best—physically, mentally and emotionally. By creating a community of health on our UM-Flint campus, we can make our community a place where healthy living is welcomed and supported.

Our campus has a part-time dedicated MHealthy Wellness Coordinator who can assist Flint Campus faculty and staff with any questions regarding MHealthy initiatives or programs.  Sherri Berry, Wellness Coordinator can be reached by email at sleet@umflint.edu or by phone at (734) 395-7759.

M Healthy Champion

MHealthy Champions are staff and faculty volunteers who help to create a culture of health within their work areas. Champions promote MHealthy programs and act as a liaison between their department and the Flint Campus MHealthy to provide feedback, thoughts or ideas to make our programs even better and useful for their area. Our goal is to have a representative group of our entire university community that includes diversity in job roles and levels, age, race, and gender.

Purpose of the Program

To improve and/or sustain healthy behaviors and reduce health risk factors among University faculty and staff by:

Increasing the number of departments at the UM Flint who are supporting employee health and well-being and;

Recognizing and honoring both individual and department efforts to create healthy workplaces.

Champion Responsibilities

Announce: Announce to your work unit that you are their MHealthy Champion. You can do this in a number of ways: (Email, Fun flyer, Healthy potluck, etc.)

Check: Complete the Workplace Wellness Checklist. This will help you to check your department's areas of strength as well as possible areas for growth when it comes to health and wellness. Then, develop an Action Plan for the year.

Execute: Execute one goal from your Action Plan

Share: Share your Success Stories with MHealthy

We also ask that you attend at least 1 of 2 MHealthy Champion Meetings per program year (an all-day Retreat and/or a one-hour Informational Webinar)

Time Commitment: We ask Champions to serve a two-year term. The estimated monthly time commitment is 1-2 hours a month.

Becoming a Champion

Becoming a Champion can occur in one of two ways:a

  • Supervisr nominates someone in their department. The nominee fills out an online application.
  • Someone applies to be a Champion for their work area on their own.

In both scenarios, a submitted application triggers an email to your supervisor asking him/her to approve your participation in the program. The email will contain a link to the Charge document outlining the program requirements and estimated time commitment. Once the supervisor sends a reply to us approving your participation, you will be accepted into the program.

Already a Champion? Log into the Champ Portal.

Applications to participate in the program are accepted during July/August of each year. To apply to become an MHealthy Champion, please visit the Champion Portal.

For more information about the program, please contact a Wellness Coordinator or the Recognition and Champion Engagement team at mhealthy-champs@umich.edu.

Recreation Center

Recreational Services provides programs, services and facilities to meet the fitness, recreation and wellness needs of employees through memberships and day passes. Discounted membership rates are available to individuals living in the same household. The Rec Center is open 7 days per week and includes an indoor track, multi-purpose gymnasium, racquetball courts, free weight equipment and weight machines, cardio equipment, indoor swimming pool, whirlpool spa and dry saunas. A variety of free drop-in fitness classes, including a coach-led cross training program called U-Fit are available at convenient times. Fee-based services include locker rental, personal training, fitness testing, and massage therapy. For more information, go to:  https://www.umflint.edu/reccenter

Other Programs


What’s Your Why?
MHealthy Rewards 2019!

Having more energy. Being there for your family. Learning about your health - whatever your motivation, MHealthy Rewards can help you on your way to well-being. Open to benefits-eligible U-M faculty and staff.

 Earn up to $220! 

Complete both the wellness screening and health questionnaire Jan. 9 – Apr. 26 to earn $100. 

Complete the health questionnaire by Apr. 26 and qualify for a fitness center membership reimbursement up to $120.

Get started now!  To schedule your on-site wellness screening, log into the StayWell Portal.

On-site Wellness Screening:

The University of Michigan is partnering with StayWell and TotalWellness to offer the on-site wellness screenings.  These 20-minute appointments include measuring your height, weight, blood pressure and total & HDL cholesterol. No fasting is required.  After your measurements are taken, you will meet one-on-one with a TotalWellness health coach to review your results and set your action plan for 2019.   All information is confidential.