we are committed to Holistically support students 

Program Components

  • Academic Preparedness and Development
  • Study Skills and Time Management
  • Major and Career Exposure
  • Community Engagement
  • Personal Development and Awareness

Academic Preparedness and Development

The Promise Scholars program provides credit-bearing academic coursework during each student’s freshmen year, taught by hand selected faculty. These general education and major remediation courses support the development of essential college level thinking and reasoning skills. Furthermore, they are a focal point in developing meaningful relationships with faculty.

Study Skills and Time Management

In order to equip students with the toolkits necessary for success within their general education, major pre-requisites, and upper division courses, the Promise Scholars program intentionally provides focused opportunities to develop success strategies through workshops and trainings. These skills include a student’s ability to understand course structure via syllabus dissection and mapping out their course demands on a useful calendar system.

Career Exposure

As students enter the university motivated by their goals and aspirations to earn a college degree and enter their ideal career pathway, the Promise Scholars program bridges students’ academic experiences with industry and research. By expanding their understanding of the workforce through job shadowing and internships, Promise Scholars become better equip to build value in their studies and defined pathways to their career goals.

Community Engagement

One key pillar of the Promise Scholars program is the ability to create communities and social networks across peer groups, campus offices, and communities outside of the university. To help support these complex endeavors, the Promise Scholars focuses on peer support systems and learning experiences that connect students to local, national, and global communities.

Personal Development and Awareness

A student’s sense of self mediates all of the programming the Promise Scholars provides. Socioemotional wellbeing, personal reflection on values and worldviews, and leadership orientations are key self-awareness areas the motivate students to persist within their degree programs. Thus, as students move through each semester at the university, they will have structured opportunities to grow, evolve, and transform across personal, academic, and social areas.


First Year Program Overview

Summer: Success Institute I—Summer Bridge Component

During the summer after their senior year, Promise Scholars enrolled in the Success Institute I: Summer Bridge Component to take credit-bearing general education coursework, English and Math seminars, and programming to address community building, health and wellness, and civic engagement.

Fall and Spring Semester

In the Fall, Promise Scholars take Promise Scholars courses with met general education requirements offered by vested faculty members committed to support their transition into the university.  To ensure that students receive coaching to address academic, socioemotional, financial, and navigational wellbeing, Promise Scholars engage with one-to-one advisement at least three times a semester and participate in workshops that are aligned to the University’s operational calendar.

Summer: Success Institute II—Leadership and Cultural Enrichment

After their first year experience, Promise Scholars are granted the opportunity to participate in a community outreach project. Through this intensive multi-week experience focused on critical reflection, vision articulation, and goal management, scholars will showcase their insights, visions, and project management maps to the incoming Promise Scholars cohort.


Promise Scholar Faculty and Campus Partners

The Promise Scholar faculty is deeply committed to craft a Promise Scholar Learning Community, an intellectually stimulating environment for all incoming Promise Scholars. They serve not only as course instructors but as mentors, coaches, and advisors. As a participant of this Promise Scholar Learning Community, Promise Scholars are a part of a diverse group of people working together to nurture and sustain a knowledge-creating system.  This community becomes critical in brainstorming solutions to the challenges you will confront as a new, continuing, and graduating student.