Undergraduate Programs

The English Department offers major and minors in four areas: linguistics, literature, secondary education, and writing.

We encourage you to meet with an advisor regularly to discuss your progress, as well as your academic and career goals. Advisors and requirements are listed on each program page.

Foundational Coursework
ENG 241 - Introduction to Literary Analysis is required of all students majoring in English. Students are encouraged to complete ENG 241 before taking upper-level English courses, and must take English 241 before completing 70 University credits. When a student majoring in English accumulates 70 University credits but has not taken ENG 241, a hold is placed on the student’s transcript until the student meets with an advisor and enrolls in the course.

Capstone Course
A capstone course is  required of all English majors. ENG 361/EDS 347 is the capstone course for Secondary English Education majors; ENG 400 for all others. Because this course is intended to provide students with a culminating experience, it should be taken only after much of the major requirements have been completed. At the minimum, students must complete ENG 241 and two English courses numbered 300 or higher before they can enroll in the capstone course. To register for a capstone course, please submit an application form.

A final requirement for all English majors is an individual portfolio. Guidelines can be found on each program page. Portfolios are due by the last day of finals in your last semester.