The goal of the Linguistics Program is to advance our understanding of the fundamental, unconscious knowledge that all speakers have of their language and the ways that language impacts and shapes everyday life. The study of language is broad and intersects with a variety of disciplines including anthropology, education, English, foreign languages, philosophy, and psychology, among others.

Advisors: Erica Britt, Kazuko Hiramatsu

Program Requirements

English major with a specialization in Linguistics
Minor in Linguistics

Capstone Course - ENG 400
Application Form

Portfolio Guidelines
Portfolios are due by the last day of finals in your last semester.

Linguistics Courses
Courses in linguistics will provide students with strong analytic skills as we explore the complex structure of human language, the mental structures that contribute to the acquisition of language, and the way that language functions in social and cultural contexts. Through these courses, students can expect to:

  • Apply critical thinking and analytical skills to the study of language
  • Develop an understanding of the mental processes that govern the acquisition of language
  • Understand the social and cultural aspects of the use of language in everyday life
  • Develop an awareness of the place of English within global and local contexts
  • Participate in community engagement projects that allow for the application of linguistics concepts to the understanding of everyday language use in the community