Programs in Engineering

The Engineering Programs at UM-Flint include an ABET-accredited Mechanical Engineering Program (BSE), an Engineering General Program (BSE), an Engineering Honors Program (BSE), and a graduate program in Mechanical Engineering (MSE).

Engineers require education and experience in a broad range of topics from materials to manufacturing, from facilities to machine element design, and from circuits to dynamics. Problem solving in engineering is based in fundamental science and mathematics, and it utilizes current technology and industrial practice. 

The Engineering programs are designed to help a student enter the engineering profession as an experienced problem solver. Engineers in industry are expected to manage products, materials and processes. They are expected to be able to cost a product, determine the rate of return on an investment, find the break-even point in manufacturing, and price the marketing of a product. Some engineers do more management than others; however, every engineer needs the fundamental engineering concepts and knowledge that form the basis for the profession.

The programs in Engineering provide coursework experience for students wishing to enter industry as engineers. In addition to technical content, these courses provide practice in forming and working in teams, preparing and presenting oral and written technical reports, and developing advanced computer skills. Engineering design caps the program with students designing and constructing engineering projects.

What is ABET Accreditation?

The Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET completed an 18-month evaluation of the UM-Flint Mechanical Engineering Program to grant accreditation. According to the commission’s website: ABET accreditation is not a ranking system; rather, it is a form of quality assurance, declaring to the relevant professional community and to the world at large, that a program meets the quality standards set by the technical profession.

Guaranteed Admit Engineering Transfer Program (2 + 2)

A partnership between the University of Michigan-Flint and the UM-Ann Arbor College of Engineering (CoE) has been formed to foster success among promising engineering students. In an opportunity unique to UM-Flint students, transfer admittance to UM-Ann Arbor CoE is guaranteed if students meet the prerequisite and GPA requirements.

Engineering Student Senior Projects

Each year, graduating seniors present their final projects to department and university leaders, underclassmen, and community members. The 2015 seniors presented projects on robotics, industrial clamps, aviation, a solar-powered boat motor, and a CNC mill. Students are responsible for every facet of the project, from design to testing to maintaining the project budget.