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Giving Blueday:  November 28, 2017

One day. 24 hours. That’s 1,440 minutes to support what you love about the University of Michigan-Flint.

2017 Giving Blueday logoOn November 28, UM-Flint is once again turning Giving Tuesday—the national movement to kick off the giving season—into Giving Blueday. You can help transform lives, shape the world, and make great things happen.

On this special day, from midnight through 11:59 p.m. EST, you can be a victor for Michigan by making donations to the scholarships, research, travel, and book and programmatic funds that help our students be successful in the classroom and beyond. Gifts of every size will make a difference, and your gift could go even further by attracting additional funds through matching gifts and challenges you can participate in throughout the day. 

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Make a Gift

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Hui Cheng

My name is Hui Cheng, I am a fourth year student at the University of Michigan-Flint, studying both finance and accounting with the goal of dual majoring in both. I am greatly honored to have received the Hagerman scholarship as it will help to achieve this goal.

Patricia Love

I would like to thank all the donors once again for helping me. I will graduate in April of 2018 and these scholarships along with other financial assistance has made all of this possible.

Hannah Lee

My time at the University of Michigan-Flint has been more exciting than I ever imagined. As I continue in my graduate studies, I will never forget my experiences and what they taught me. In my opinion, we learn more by experiencing than simply having a knowledge of a subject. I have also met amazing people who share the same desire to give back to the community, and I am so thankful they are in my life. UM-Flint will undoubtedly continue to impact, not only the community, but future students to take advantage of the many opportunities to continue to give back as well.

Amanda Wilson

The involvement I have had with the University of Michigan-Flint has given me memories that I will have for a lifetime. I would love to have this extraordinary time of my life continue on to impact other people. I am a big supporter of paying it forward and as I volunteer I remember all of the people who have helped me out as well.

Eric Leverette

As I continue to complete my education here at UM-Flint, being awarded scholarships has pushed me to do so and to continue on despite the everlasting obstacles that may come in to place. I am very appreciative that I have received this scholarship support, and I am grateful for all of the opportunities presented.

Michaela Nogaj

After graduating, I fully intend to stay connected with my professors, spread the good word about UM-Flint, and support the Theatre and Dance Department by attending their shows and events.

Chloe Miller-White

I am so thankful to have been awarded the Anonymous Donor Nursing Scholarship. It has helped to alleviate my financial burden and has given me peace of mind. It has also made continuing my education a reality, instead of a distant dream. I have been inspired to help others and give back to the community. One day, I hope to provide such support to future patients and also, to help students achieve their dreams, just like I was given the opportunity to achieve mine. 


UM-Flint campus community organizes initiatives to “give back” this holiday season

UM-Flint campus community organizes initiatives to “give back” this holiday season

The following is a small sample of the many ways UM-Flint faculty, staff, and students "give back" this time of year.

December commencement features first-ever person to earn a PhD from UM-Flint

December commencement features first-ever person to earn a PhD from UM-Flint

This semester, Shweta Gore became the first-ever person to earn a PhD from UM-Flint. She plans to walk with physical therapy classmates and faculty at the December 17 commencement ceremony.

Giving Back: UM-Flint alumni discover the rewards of volunteering

Giving Back: UM-Flint alumni discover the rewards of volunteering

Alumni volunteers are the heart of UM-Flint’s Alumni Relations office and play a major role in nearly every university-wide event held on campus.

UM-Flint reminds employees about severe-weather policy

UM-Flint reminds employees about severe-weather policy

As the likelihood of wintry weather increases, campus leaders would like to remind the university community about our Inclement Weather policy.