Sport-based clubs

Starting a Sport-based Volunteer Student Organization

Any UM-Flint Student can start a Club Sport. Sport based Voluntary Student Organizations are required to follow the policies and procedures established by Student Involvement & Leadership and Club Sports. Sport-based VSO must register through the student organization registration process coordinated by Student Involvement & Leadership REGISTRATION. 
Funding for sport-based VSO is available through Student Government. Additional information about student organization funding can be found at ORGANIZATION FUNDING All sport-basedclubs start as VSO  and serve an approximately two-three (2-3) year probationary period before becoming a Club Sport if that is what they wish to do. The Club Sports Coordinator in conjuction with the Director of Recreational Services will make the determination if a sports-based VSO is ready to become a Club Sport and if the Club Sport Program is fiscally able to support an additional club


For more details visit the CLUB SPORTS page on Mgagement or call the Recreation Center to make an appointment to talk to someone in person.