Welcome to the University of Michigan-Flint!

Deba Dutta, eighth Chancellor of UM-Flint. Chancellor Dutta is wearing a Michigan blue suit and a maize and blue striped tie

One of three campuses of the world-renowned University of Michigan, UM-Flint shares the same commitment to excellence that is the hallmark of the nation’s leading public university. With expert faculty and staff, a stunning urban campus, and opportunities for undergraduate and graduate research, our top priority is student success. 

That top priority compels us to move at the speed of students.

Moving at the speed of students means our every effort is designed to help students get on the fast track to reach their fullest potential. Our faculty and staff are ready to help students create their map to an excellent UM-Flint educational experience. We have the drive and determination to support our students every step of the way, from enrollment to graduation to their status as U-M alumni—the largest alumni body in the world.

A regional comprehensive university, UM-Flint is known as an exceptional educational value with one of the state’s most affordable tuition rates. Our schools and colleges offer high-quality academic programs that meet the needs of our students and the Michigan workforce. Our outstanding faculty are devoted to teaching, research, and engagement.

Mentorship and guidance is key to helping our students receive a well-rounded, versatile education. We work with K-12 partners, community colleges, and businesses and non-profit organizations to make certain that our students get high value co-curricular opportunities. This includes many unique programs where students can choose to engage in community-based projects, summer internships, study abroad and more.

We have exceptional facilities and we continue to expand and upgrade our academic buildings. The new wing of the William R. Murchie Science Building will be completed in 2021. This $39 million project adds to our roster of state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories that are designed for optimal learning experiences, particularly in the areas of STEM education.

The downtown location of UM-Flint amplifies the vibrancy of our campus life. Our partnership with the renowned Flint Cultural Center makes available remarkable opportunities in the arts, music and culture, and it is within easy walking distance of the campus.

We are fully committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, and these ideals form the foundation of UM-Flint. It is our most valuable asset as a university. Our pledge to these principles informs and enriches our campus and our shared human experience.

Overcoming the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic, our university continues to move with resolve, flexibility, and an unwavering duty to serving our constituents. For the upcoming academic year, we have in place strong protocols to help mitigate the spread of the virus and protect the health and well-being of all people on our campus.

In spite of the uncertainty that exists in the world, there is an antidote. Certainty comes from education which helps the individual to be ready to act with intent and conviction. At UM-Flint, our students are prepared for the rigors and responsibilities of the 21st century because they learn to see uncertainty as a chance to take action. They are learning to move at the speed of life.

I am honored to serve as the eighth chancellor of UM-Flint. I began my career as a faculty member in Ann Arbor, while my wife, Fataneh, was a faculty member at UM-Flint for almost twenty years. I know well the high standards that come with offering a Michigan degree and the role we play as a vital partner to the city of Flint and Genesee County.

We have innovative plans that are in motion, new initiatives underway, all aimed at helping students to thrive, achieve and earn their Michigan degree. In this fast-paced world, universities must lead, moving at the speed of students and the communities they serve. Join us as we forge ahead towards the future.

Go Blue!

Deba Dutta