Advisory Committee for Budget and Strategic Planning

This Chancellor's Advisory Committee shall consist of seven elected faculty members, including at least one from each instructional unit, and a librarian. The Chancellor, the Provost, and the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance shall be members, ex officio. One faculty member shall be designated to represent CAC/BSP on the Faculty Council.

The committee shall consult with, advise, and make recommendation to the Chancellor on matters of general University policy, particularly budget and resource allocation. It shall obtain and examine the information necessary to sustain effective involvement in the ongoing budget and strategic planning processes at UM-Flint. To that end, the committee may, from time to time, invite other Vice Chancellors, Deans, or others who can provide information and perspective. The Committee shall especially consider and look for congruence between budgetary decisions and the strategic plan. It shall regularly report to Faculty Council the results of its budgetary studies, its budgetary recommendations, and any other matters relative to the budget that the Faculty Council might require to carry out its charge.

The Committee shall meet at the discretion of the chair throughout the year, but normally twice a month with the Chancellor from September through May. The Chair of the Committee and the Chancellor will consult on the agenda for all committee meetings.

Committee Members

Vera Anderson (2021)
Constance Creech, Ph.D. (2019)
Min Hui Huang, Ph.D. (2020)
Megan Keiser, Ph.D. (2020)
Suzanne Knezek, Ph.D. (2021)
Cathy Miller, Ph.D. (2020)
D.J. Trela, Ph.D. (2020), Chair
Jeremiah Wade-Olson, Ph.D (2021)
Michael Hague, ex officio
Keith Moreland, Ph.D. ex officio

Chancellor's Advisory Committee for Budget and Planning Meeting Minutes

The Chancellor's Advisory Committee for Budget and Strategic Planning (CACBSP) was established to consult, advise, and make recommendations to the Chancellor regarding University policy, budget, and resource allocation. The Committee regularly reports to Faculty Council regarding its activity and makes its minutes publicly available. You may review the meeting minutes from 2013 to present governance here and earlier minutes below.