The CAS Opportunity Fund

Generous support of the CAS Opportunity Fund allows the College of Arts and Sciences at UM-Flint to fund research projects, travel, professional development, and more for our faculty, staff, and students.

The funding amount for each project isn't large, but the difference it can make is immeasurable. Help support the future students of CAS by giving today!

The application deadline for 2019 was February 15. We will provide new application details as they become available!


Name Project Year
Vicki Dawson (faculty) Conference attendance 2017
Janelle Wiess (faculty) Conference attendance 2017
Gary Maynard (faculty) Conference attendance 2017
Rebecca Zeiss (faculty) Conference attendance 2017
Cody C. (student) Robotics competition 2017
Andrew Z. (student) Robotics competition 2017
Maggie M. (student) Conference presentation 2017
Megan J. (student) Lab equipment 2017
Cailee R. (student)  Lab equipment 2017
Jason L. (student) Psychology research project (Psychology) 2017
Quill N. (student) Travel for internship in Colorado (Theatre) 2017
Rebecca R. (student) Mathematics competition (Mathematics) 2017
Erin S. (student) Travel to Ireland for archeology dig (Anthropolgy) 2017
Fatimah A. (student) Tumor research (Biology) 2018
Holly A. (student)  Breast cancer research (Biology) 2018
Jacob B. (student) Vitamin A research (Biology) 2018
Kylah C. and Heather I (students) Attending Archeology & Ethnohistory conference (Anthropology) 2018
Mattie E. (student) Study abroad to Jamaica  2018
Jing Fu (faculty) Conference attendance and presentation (Foreign Languages) 2018
Jennifer G. (student) Vitamin A research (Biology) 2018
Hannah H. (student) Study abroad to Jamaica  2018
Katelyn K. (student) Attending American Chemical Society meeting 2018
Ribka M. (student) Research at UMich Biology Station 2018
Shylia P. (student) Study abroad to Jamaica 2018
Robert R. (student) Poster presentation at American Chemical Society meeting 2018
Kim Saks-McManaway (faculty) Attending Midwest Political Science Assoc. conference 2018
Arahshiel S. (student) Thesis research at the National Library of Medicine 2018
Brent S. (student) Vitamin A research (Biology) 2018