Mission Statement

An educated citizenry is the foundation of a democratic society. The College of Arts and Sciences stands at the heart of a University of Michigan-Flint education, offering general education and degree programs in the liberal and fine arts, the natural and social sciences, and selected applied fields. Graduate degree programs are designed to meet the needs of the population in our urban and regional service area. The work of the college requires an empowered faculty dedicated to the education of students and the advancement of knowledge, students who actively seek to learn, and a supportive community.

The mission for the College of Arts and Sciences is to create and sustain a community of lifelong learners in an environment that emphasizes literacy, critical thinking, and humanistic and scientific inquiry.

The College will:

  • Foster excellence in teaching and learning  
  • Engage students in learning partnerships with faculty  
  • Develop mastery of disciplines and confidence in their application for a  future of meaningful and productive work  
  • Support students and faculty in traditional and applied research and  creative endeavors  
  • Engage faculty and students in professionally related service to the  university and society  
  • Promote and defend academic freedom, diversity, equality and justice