Biology Honors Program (BS or BA)

Biology Department information  

Faculty Advisors: Dennis Viele, Judie Federico

The Honors Program in Biology seeks to provide exceptional students an opportunity for formal academic recognition in a program even more rigorous than the curriculum required of other biology students.

Students considering this Honors Program should consult with the Biology Department’s honors advisor as soon as possible after being admitted to the University Freshman/Sophomore Honors Scholar Program. This facilitates the planning of the student’s program. The importance of this early consultation should not be underestimated. There is very little room for error in planning a schedule of courses that permits breadth while requiring rigor.

Students should plan to fulfill some of their requirements with courses taken during spring or summer terms.

Applications to the Honors Program in Biology should be made early in the second semester of the sophomore year after completing the prerequisites. Procedures for application to this program can be obtained from the biology honors advisor.


A. Biology

All requirements of any Biology program, including the Biology General Program (BS) , the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Program (BS) , the Wildlife Biology Program (BS) , and the Human Biology Program (BA) .

B. Honors

All requirements of the Honors Program including:

  • HON 155 - Great Books I (5)
  • HON 156 - Great Books II (5)
  • HON 251 - Great Ideas I (3)
  • HON 252 - Great Ideas II: The Impact of Technology on Society, An Historical Perspective (3)
  • HON 393 - Independent Study and Research Methods (1-3).
  • HON 498 - Senior Honors Seminar (3)
  • BIO 494 - Honors Independent Research (1).
  • BIO 495 - Honors Thesis I (4). (optional)
  • BIO 496 - Honors Thesis II (4).


Prospective Honors students are urged to acquaint themselves as early as possible with the requirements of the Honors Program in Biology and the University Honors Program .  See the Biology Honors Program Advisor and the Honors Program Director for this information.

Minimum Credits for the Degree: 124 credits for BS; 120 credits for BA

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