We are Biology

Biology is the study of the organization and operation of life at cellular, organismal, and population levels. An understanding of biology leads to an appreciation of the complexity of the world of life and the role that human beings have within it. The department provides courses in biology that serve the needs of the general student as well as those specializing in the field. Students who concentrate in biology can design their programs to be the focus of a broad and liberal education, to prepare for graduate studies in a sub-discipline, to become certified as a secondary biology teacher, or to obtain pre-professional training in medicine, dentistry, and other health-related fields.


UM-Flint Biology Welcomes New Assistant Professor Rebecca Tonietto

"I study native bee communities – how their diversity and structure are related to plant communities, surrounding land-use, and management – for pollinator conservation," said Tonietto. "With those interests, I am at the intersections of a few different fields, but consider myself a community ecologist interested in conservation and restoration biology."

UM-Flint Pairs with MSU, DNR to Study Impact of Feral Swine

Amberly HaugerMS in Biology student, is working with Dr. Karmen Hollis-Etter of the UM-Flint Biology Department and researchers from MSU, UM-Flint, and the DNR who are involved in a project to learn more about invasive feral swine.

UM-Flint Biology Professor and Students Conduct Lamprey Research

UM-Flint’s Department of Biology professor Dr. Heather Dawson recently conducted research with students on the Great Lakes Sea Lamprey. Her focus is on researching ways to improve management in an effort to protect native Great Lakes fish populations. This research has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management.

Congratulations Biology! 2015 Kickball Champs

On July 16th several teams gathered along the Flint River on the grounds at the William S. White building to battle for the 2015-2016 Kickball Championship.  The weather was perfect for the friendly battle between departments.  In the end, only one team remained as the 2015 UM-Flint Kickball Champs.  Congratulations goes to the Department of Biology!  Nice teamwork, Biology!

Biology's Ann Niemann Retires

After 25 years at the University of Michigan-Flint, the Biology Department's Ann Niemann is retiring. She was one of four from the College of Arts and Sciences who were honored by Chancellor Borrego at a Retirement Reception held December 8th. Click "MORE" to learn about Ann's years of service to UM-Flint.